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brutal honesty

February 10th, 2019 at 12:31 pm

The reality of reading many articles/ the forum and some blogs seems to be to fit in say the same thing.
I appreciate the stories shared and different realities but I find some sentences amusing at best.

I know wealthy parents with homeless kids. I know parents without and the kids are doing fine. Yes both of those situations could be fixed if parents paid for junior to be off the street or a kid who was ignored or abused would just take care of the parents in a way they never did for him.

Parents can be wrong, kids seldom listen about many other things but Many want to say "I did not learn finance skills from mom and dad".

Times are way different then the good old days getting out now requires a different skill set then even 20 years ago but those still take work and sacrifice.
So many I had tried to help all did not have the willingness to do what was needed. they want a quick fix preferably a bunch of cash or a check.
" if only I caught up , I would change" NEVER happens.
The OT that would clear the bills was instead spent on something they all of a sudden remember they MUST have which despite the tears and drama was never getting out of what they were doing.
I had a group in family, who loved a sad story would pat themselves on back trying to FIX these people but when the rubber needed to meet the road .. nope they disappeared. On to the next(mark) person falling for their sad story. guess what family took the cant beat them join them I guess because they are just like that now.
Kids are Props and shields for many of these people. When I hear "child poverty" I ask what does that even mean? all kids are poor what we are really talking about is parents. Often it might have been better spent if the kids got it.
In todays society if you know how to play the game you barely have to pay to raise your own kids. between programs and the charities most is covered. food/medical/ clothes/ Christmas in our town they have discounted pool passes and give the kid free swimwear as cut offs have strings that clog the filters.
I have avoided many people in situations because they are simply looking for a mark.
One whom got close had skills and could work if she stuck to it but instead she just was looking for some quick fix or someone else money. It is sad that she is teaching her kids the same ploys.

This is not a BLAME the poor but instead look at a different light. We talk about people living in poverty and paycheck to paycheck but zero ideas for solutions. just back to it is no ones fault which is simply not true.
I honestly do not understand people anymore. Their common sense is gone the buy into articles and ideas that simply are missing information or are painfully twisted for a narrative.
One article contributor on this site is awful about that. Between the constant issues with the blogs and the complete lack of reading and comprehension in blogs and forums before responding.
I feel I am done.