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is this weird??

October 11th, 2019 at 01:23 pm

so the place i work is very casual they often cater and any leftovers brought to break room in a help yourself manner.
they also have a company that brings in a lot of fruit twice a week as a snack or pick me up in afternoon according to their sign.

We have people who seem to feel this is a grocery store I went to rest room and when came back all items gone in 3 minutes. I see people with bags with 4 bananas and some other items pears/ oranges / apples on their desk. they also have tea bags that some pack into their purse or pockets.

I feel grateful if I get one banana if I crave a afternoon snack but think it is odd and bad taste to pack this up like we are in a scene from walking dead.

granted I do not know how much everyone makes I only assume at least what I do as I am a temp.

is this normal or tacky like I think it is?

another question as I know many people have a side gig nowdays for many reasons does the fact many here have other jobs etc that it tells me this place must not pay the regulars as well as i assumed even though frankly they are grossly overpaying me for what they have me do.