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new glasses

September 7th, 2019 at 07:30 pm

it has been a long time since i had my eyes examined and got new eyeglasses. I did not realize how long it had been.
i simply have not been as regular with checkups and such since we moved. I have only encountered sub par providers here and forget to pre-plan for visits when i am across the state in my other house.
My DH has changed jobs a few times since we moved the insurance was not always a good plan.
The lady helping us said our plan reimburses $200 per person for glasses but with tint and upgraded lens choice mine will still cost almost $200 more. makes me question the different levels of items since i have seen different ads for 2 pair for less. i wonder if it would be worth taking the prescription to one of those places to see if i can really get a better deal or if the low price in ad is for super basic and any options would raise the price to be close to the center i went to.
Has anyone tried the low cost option like Americas best or vision works?
i think there is a big difference in quality but i also was a bit amazed how fast the lens cost added up.

In other items I ordered online a few things for my daughter and the shipping was free as my purchase was above some X amount. they said 3 days now the tracking through fed ex show expected delivery over a week from when i ordered it. It is not something we can't wait for but frustrating non the less.
I am not a big online shopper is that normal, this is a well known kids retailer ?

new shoes .. new plan

May 24th, 2019 at 08:44 pm

So today my son came by and we went shopping for new shoes... I had an idea of what I wanted but was not seeing what I had in mind.
Went to a few stores, picked up a couple of items at a new store to our area called Anko. They had some extremely inexpensive items was fun to look at.
They had clothing and once I was good looking for US sizes as the tag size refers to Australia size. I do not think the conversion was accurate as I bought a size that should fit but was quite snug. cannot decide to return item or use it as motivation to drop some weight.
We then went a few more places and I found an acceptable shoe item of what I was looking for my son insisted a get a second pair of basic tennis shoes and made sure I promptly threw out the pairs I had at home that were starting to fall apart.
We had a long talk about spending habits as he makes good money and spends quite freely ( he bought my 2 pair of shoes today) he told me he Never saw me buy things for myself only things for him and siblings and dad when he was a child.
He seems to think I do not value myself and am squirreling away money that I should spend some on myself as my expenses are quite low and most all of my income is just extra for his dad and I.

Sometimes my kids can be the harshest critics but I often see their point after thinking about it. I should have taken a walk after dinner by talked myself out of it as it has rained a bit and well the shoe are brand new.
yes I see the procrastination.....

since I just left my last Temp assignment a month ago they do not need me to fill out all paperwork again but will need to take a drug test. I appreciate the reason but I am aggravated that the lab they use only has 2 locations both very hard to get to through a ton of traffic. I planned to go on Wednesday but had trouble printing up paper for it when I got it printed found lab now ONLY takes appointments( last time before last assignment they took walk ins) so I can not go until Tuesday after the holiday.
I think that is going to push back start date I had hoped it would be before june 1 but now doubt that will happen. need a new frame of mind and I think getting back to work may help this funk I have been fighting lately.