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December 10th, 2019 at 02:49 pm

The holidays are upon us and once again the hassle will start i should just jump right in.

I cancelled Christmas one year, i had zero help was working OT in retail and DH thought i should be able to do it all NOPE. I know he was mad and continues to remind me of that fateful year. This year our kids are grown they have different lifestyles and interests and do not need Stuff just because. I want to honor that wish and no longer give gifts out of obligation......... but as always.... DH will wait until last second and ask what did you get for x/ y or z??????
I tried to get ahead of the issue by saying do you want more knick knacks we don't need? ... well neither do they. it is not sinking in his thick skull.

I told him i am not sure we should even buy anything but a small item for grandkids as their other side of family ( dollar store type) fills their house with tons of garbage toys that they play with a few times and forget or break.
In the last year etc we just added money to a fund we started for them but once again DH is off on a buy garbage bonanza. He seems dismayed that some items are backorder and will not be available until january.....DUH it is midway in December.

This along with the fact we have personal business to take care of by end of year but he seems to think we have lots of time is driving me insane.

I get so much stress i just shut down. last week DH bought dinner on way home and only wanted a sandwich one night so in this weeks grocery i bought bare minimum ..... I buy with a meal plan in mind (yes it is communicated) but lately he is getting home earlier then me and (who knows why he has not done this in months) starts cooking something entirely different then the plan. throws off all my ingredients especially fresh items that do NOT last until next week. I have cut way back on produce because of this tired of throwing money away.
I have come to the point where i want to act like roommates buy your own food and leave me out of it.

This is the one time of year he simply does not stay with plans or evidently pays zero attention.

Last minute appease him BS costs me every year and simply put i do not have the extra as the company i am temping with shuts down for 10 days from Christmas to past new years and i will not have a check.
Maybe i just need to vent or maybe i need suggestions on dealing with the holiday disconnect.

stumbled this week

October 27th, 2019 at 04:18 pm

So as i was planning to give notice i stopped my aggressive payoff retirement plan. Then when given a 5K estimate for a home upgrade made me stop and grin and bear this insufferable job at least til end of year.

So since i have the cash for home item, I started back on paying items and forgot I had sent a check for property tax as well. It is not a huge item as i have the money in account but it will put me UNDER my comfort level for that account. it will take two weeks to remedy this oversight.

I then switched and started using account 2 and had to buy car tabs.
I do not know why everytime it is such a hassle I have my cars registered at my primary address across the state and pay less then half what this side of state wants due to insane amounts of local taxes....
Example last year this side of state would have been $483 my cost was $98.

This IS legal to register anywhere in state if you have proof of residence, according to the state... so why these clerks treat me like i am stealing money from their pocket confuses me.
So after a very terse discussion I got my tabs and am thinking of making a complaint either on yelp or with the state as this is a group that does licensing work for the state.

i really am trying to avoid negativity but it seems to find me.
So DH ordered a couple of things on Amazon ( i try so hard to get him to quit due to their appalling practices) so an hour later I heard a commotion outside and they dropped off a pkg about 1 hour after order. 8pm Saturday ... then we wake up at 5am with a strange car in front of our house ....another package....5am on Sunday.... this is creepy IMO we did not need this item that fast.

random thoughts

October 2nd, 2019 at 12:23 pm

It is a shame we lost so much both on the blogs and the forums there were many conversations that were really interesting to read.
I know things online sometimes have issues but it would be nice for an official what happened post.

I have been using my down time at my job to try to rework my focus in my budget. they have come up with a few things to do but not enough to be full time.

I have two routes #1 is to pay off extra on my mortgage which as i see it is a guaranteed return that is higher then my current savings accounts or #2 put into investments that are at best a crap shoot as they have been so up and down lately.

I have always been doing paying across the board but for some reason I am anxious to see bigger progress it is just a matter of looking at it i suppose if i save $500 and it goes into savings/ investments/ house etc it is still $500 if it goes to just 1 item like the house.

In many of my previous temp jobs i was feeling this anxious feeling when they were about to come to and end this job most likely will be permanent...... but I feel like i do not want to even bring in anything to personalize my desk it is a weird feeling.
the boss told me he is very happy with my work but I just am sure sooner or later they will see how small of workload there is and i am not needed or maybe part time.