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why did this start again?

October 14th, 2019 at 12:03 pm

I went across the state to see some family.
Lately i have noticed what i would consider places reverting back to practices i thought were gone.

when many places Started to take credit they set out minimum purchase or sometimes a fee to take credit and i had HEARD that some places have a block dollar hold until the transaction is complete like if you bought gas it may put a pending $100 until your purchase clears.

All of those things kind of disappeared for awhile (years) in my area.... now it is Back.
I am not sure why and i understand from the retailers standpoint the fees with credit are probably really eating into their income but i just seemed surprised this popped up. I check my accounts and almost freaked out it said i bought $100 in gas but it cleared as the $24 i actually spent.
Maybe in different areas this practice never stopped but in my area i am just noticing it coming back more and more with signs stating minimum $ for credit purchases etc.
The gas thing I remembered that was the practice before so i did not go into full WTH mode and make calls and it worked itself out as it processed but maybe someone did not have that leeway to have a hold on that extra money. they should let people KNOW put up a sign if there is a hold until processed.

perhaps people figured out that taking cards so they did not limit customers did not pan out and they are now forced to rethink if it is worth it.