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automation vs regular updates

September 8th, 2019 at 07:39 pm

I have been doing temp work for the last few years most time between jobs has been minimal.
I just started my new placement that is set to be a year long. I have created a new excel spreadsheet showing my payments and savings.

While tempting to automate the whole process, i am still set in a mind frame that temp contracts can end less then what they are set up as. it seems easier to just do payments instead of stopping a bunch of auto payments.
So i go in and enter transfers/ bills/ contributions every couple of weeks instead of auto pilot.
I set up split direct deposit but when first check was deposited it was only into the main account.
It was a bit frustrating but it looks like it is a big hassle to change perhaps it takes a couple of weeks and they just used the main account first because that is the one i always used before. i think sometimes when you start another assignment they just reactivate past settings and do not really look at on-boarding changes. I will wait to see if next one is correct before playing phone tag with someone.

back on the job

August 29th, 2019 at 05:39 am

So I started my new job it is a year long contract but they are really looking for someone to fit as permanent.
i am secretly glad Monday was a holiday as i am tired. This is an odd situation and although i enjoy a bit of laid back atmosphere i would like a bit more structure.
So being a slow week i only put in 34.75 hours which is still more then zero!. I am slowly revising my goals and hope to be more focused.
I have a tiny bit of debt $850 for an item that only took CC as payment. I will pay that off right away and then focus on my next items

#1 EF goal 3000/ 2135
#2 EF goal 5000/ 4200
have a bit more to meet IRA contribution for the year.

look back to see progress

June 20th, 2019 at 06:04 am

this is one of the entries I had in the forum setting

June 2018
mort 27,920
car 4250
cc#1 125
cc#2 1095

NOW in 2019....
The difference now is I only have the mortgage which is at 21,938 all other is gone.

I have saved approx. about $4600 give or take a few dollars for ef/ house fund savings and another 3700 contributions in investment accts that include IRA/ ROTH/ an taxable fund acct.

I should feel great that there is a very noticeable progress but I am not feeling it.

I felt more focused when I had real debt. just too many places to put money now. Yes I want to focus better on ira/roth last year I wanted to increase the savings area first.

hard to change bad habits

May 23rd, 2019 at 10:08 am

Not about money completely but other habits.
I went into super frugal mode when I was in between jobs even though I was confident I could replace my last temp gig.
I had many offers from places but with them came a long commute so I sat back and now was re-hired for another temp assignment where I was.

Close to me and they are paying more per hour the schedule is more 8-5 when I have been in jobs that were like 5am to 2 so this will seem much later and with that comes a lot of traffic for the commute.

I did not get a lot done when I have been at home sat and watched a lot of tv did some reorganizing but I need to do more yard work and start walking for exercise I did limit and made diet changes losing some weight but in the big picture wasted a lot of time. Did not touch any savings but did make a dent in one of the checking accts as I am still paying for food and small bills I was paying when working.

During the last months of my last temp placement that ended about a month ago I was not focused on what I was doing with money. I just threw it at everything.

I did add to savings (about 3000) and retirement (about 4000) as well as paying down principal (1000) on my home #1.
I think I would feel better having more cash if I continue working temp things that can have time between jobs. I had the cash in savings but I was determined to not tap that. while that is good I also feel I was too restrictive as I did not buy things I actually need like new shoes mine are falling apart.