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beginning to see it

October 21st, 2019 at 06:12 am

I began working at a young age. Prior to a "real" job I did odd jobs and babysitting etc. i have always saved never had much use for trends etc.
Never knew what "i wanted to be when i grew up" and took and stayed at a job for many years based on benefits more then pay.
Well after my needs changed my DH wanted to move for a job we had talked about it for a decade with many many offers. Well we did it and he said you no longer HAVE to work. I did continue to work, part out of boredom part to continue paying things. i have NEVER liked this area it has been almost 7 years and still hate it. worked various places have not found a place i WANTED to stay plenty of offers from employers begging me to stay.
i have a friend whom has a seasonal job that from what i can see not great paying but she says she just LOVES it...
i am jealous i guess i want something i want to go to not hate so bad i start to have regular "sick" days just because i can not force myself to go. This current job has showed me i would work for half the pay doing the most mundane things i can think of and be satisfied.
Do others just suck it up and go when you cannot stand it?
If i hear one more person say " i wish i had so little to do" I might smack them.
NO you don't.
Yes, I have spent days writing for myself/ reading a book and surfing the internet even fell asleep once. This is in an open workspace so pretending to be busy is the normal although most days the ladies room is filled with people either talking or playing games on their phone.

This is becoming intolerable but people say i am crazy since they pay quite well for NOTHING.

I am not in the right frame of mind to interview for another position as this is a placement i will need to talk to both agency and employer to say no thanks can no longer do this. I want to maintain a relationship with agency in case i need another placement but i am worried if i let this fester much longer i will snap.

great progress vs mental sanity

October 16th, 2019 at 06:04 am

Well another week I made deposits to all accounts and paid extra on mortgage.... I should be thrilled but I HATE being bored all day at work.

I am less and less impressed with the people I work with as they all do so little it is amazing. I am really leaning towards giving notice. everyone in person tells me to just suck it up since they pay very well..... but it is eating at my soul to sit doing nothing and taking a check for it.

I feel bad because they would need to show a new person procedures i have learned to do here but I am becoming snappy at home simply put DH was used to me doing EVERYTHING when off work now he seems to expect me to come home and do all by myself.
I cannot be so frustrated and then face dirty dishes and a whats for dinner attitude from him. FIGURE IT OUT yourself i just spent 4 hours trying to stay awake i do not want to be go right to cooking.