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sentimental Garbage

December 7th, 2019 at 06:45 pm

Perhaps a strange title but i was looking around my house and noticed. there are some items that need to go.

Example my son a couple of years ago managed a store at a mall and then he bought me (well meaning) a ton of scented lotions from one of those shops like Bodyworks, you know then buy three get 3 great idea if you have 6 people.. but nope mom got all 6 used some tried different scents but honestly i could grease up an elephant with this volume. I have it in a line on counter try to use as I can but in all honesty the only reason I am keeping is sentimental not functional. i have hovered over the bin but put them back on counter telling myself to use more.

I have many items like this. When my mom passed I took items from her home as memories but also because i knew she loved them . Items costume jewelry i may never wear, candles i have in boxes perhaps in a major power outage i could burn them .... pictures I have never hung .... they do bring memories but as i get older I realize they mean nothing to my own adult kids i tell them stories they nod politely but a 3rd generation candy dish is not going to be a treasure for them.
Some items may mean something to siblings but i do not talk to them at all i am thinking in some cases i took items more so they would not take and sell them at the urging of relatives ( couple siblings have issues with substance abuse) but i did not need or want some items. I am not even sure how i could return these item to them have not spoken in years. i see now sooner or later memories disappear and who know maybe these item will be a garage sale after I am gone.
what is the best way to let go.....

nudging myself to a new normal

November 10th, 2019 at 03:43 pm

I am trying to see the good in this job regardless of how boring it is.
I was upset about the decrease in savings partly because I thought some of the money was coming from a different source ( a joint account with DH)
I realize that this is not worth getting worked up about in comparison I am but should be MORE grateful that I have great flexibility in re-saving that amount etc.
I just need to refocus and plan for other items.
I am trying to think up Christmas ideas that have meaning not just gifts for gifts. I have been trying to get people experiences instead of stuff. I have 3 very different groups to buy for so it makes it especially hard but can search for ideas in my downtime at job.

well there goes some more

October 7th, 2019 at 01:20 pm

A few years ago i worked for a company that was great at hiding all their debt and bad practices. I had many friends at this place.

I left as I felt this company was very sleazy. Many friends stayed bought the lines that every company did these things whenever someone was about to get a glimpse of their DARK side. Most people whom left after me found out first hand the company was NOT whom the pretend to be to either employees or the public.

Well as I had predicted sooner or later it catches up and the company announced they will need to make cuts. I clicked on a link posted by a friend(on FB) and saw in the comments ( by employees across the company) that unlike the simple pruning they claim they made real cuts with an ax and almost the same day their public announcement came sounds a bit more serious then they let on.
I have not said a word ... yet some so- called friends (I guess think I might say "told you" ) just cut me off or blocked me. I have never said anything regarding their choice to continue working there only have told a few there are many more options out there.

I had tried to message a person before this happened but now I am sure they will not get back to me. Friends unlike money or jobs are not as easy to replace.

I recently have had the cold shoulder from a past co-worker/ friend that complained that she was not making money after daycare etc. I suggested an evening job so they could cut that expense ... OH NO she was not a retail or service industry person she was an office job type... fast forward marriage fell apart largely money issues and she is so proud of working evenings at a restaurant. so the difference must have been?