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great progress vs mental sanity

October 16th, 2019 at 01:04 pm

Well another week I made deposits to all accounts and paid extra on mortgage.... I should be thrilled but I HATE being bored all day at work.

I am less and less impressed with the people I work with as they all do so little it is amazing. I am really leaning towards giving notice. everyone in person tells me to just suck it up since they pay very well..... but it is eating at my soul to sit doing nothing and taking a check for it.

I feel bad because they would need to show a new person procedures i have learned to do here but I am becoming snappy at home simply put DH was used to me doing EVERYTHING when off work now he seems to expect me to come home and do all by myself.
I cannot be so frustrated and then face dirty dishes and a whats for dinner attitude from him. FIGURE IT OUT yourself i just spent 4 hours trying to stay awake i do not want to be go right to cooking.

3 Responses to “great progress vs mental sanity”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hang in there! Perhaps if you just look at it this way -- you are there at your job, willing to work, and if they don't take advantage, then it is their issue. You are willing to do things. At this stage, unless you have another good paying job lined up, I would hesitate to quit.

    As for the home issues, perhaps calmly explain how you are feeling. I get it. There are times when I got so frustrated and felt like it was pretty uneven. Usually if I asked nicely, DH would chip in. He wasn't doing it on purpose -- he just didn't think about it.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    be careful of what you wish for... so DH decided to cook he took ingredients I needed to make other items and used them for his weird concoctions.
    So great i get another trip to grocery store to replace. I bought a big package of ground turkey instead of taking half and putting other in a storage bag he cooked it all so we are forced to eat same thing til gone what should take 2 pans to cook he used 5 and left them for me to wash...... i hope i can blog from prison.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Guess it depends on your prison and if they have computer time! Smile

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