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well there goes some more

October 7th, 2019 at 01:20 pm

A few years ago i worked for a company that was great at hiding all their debt and bad practices. I had many friends at this place.

I left as I felt this company was very sleazy. Many friends stayed bought the lines that every company did these things whenever someone was about to get a glimpse of their DARK side. Most people whom left after me found out first hand the company was NOT whom the pretend to be to either employees or the public.

Well as I had predicted sooner or later it catches up and the company announced they will need to make cuts. I clicked on a link posted by a friend(on FB) and saw in the comments ( by employees across the company) that unlike the simple pruning they claim they made real cuts with an ax and almost the same day their public announcement came sounds a bit more serious then they let on.
I have not said a word ... yet some so- called friends (I guess think I might say "told you" ) just cut me off or blocked me. I have never said anything regarding their choice to continue working there only have told a few there are many more options out there.

I had tried to message a person before this happened but now I am sure they will not get back to me. Friends unlike money or jobs are not as easy to replace.

I recently have had the cold shoulder from a past co-worker/ friend that complained that she was not making money after daycare etc. I suggested an evening job so they could cut that expense ... OH NO she was not a retail or service industry person she was an office job type... fast forward marriage fell apart largely money issues and she is so proud of working evenings at a restaurant. so the difference must have been?

2 Responses to “well there goes some more”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Some people are just not nice. They would rather complain than do something, and then don't want to admit that perhaps you were right.

    I'm sorry some of your friends have cut you out of your life. It always hurts and often you cannot explain it.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    sometimes its hard to let people go but when things like this happen you really find out who your friends are...let them go if they are really your friends they will come back..sometimes they feel foolish and dont want to face you...only time will tell

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