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random thoughts

October 2nd, 2019 at 12:23 pm

It is a shame we lost so much both on the blogs and the forums there were many conversations that were really interesting to read.
I know things online sometimes have issues but it would be nice for an official what happened post.

I have been using my down time at my job to try to rework my focus in my budget. they have come up with a few things to do but not enough to be full time.

I have two routes #1 is to pay off extra on my mortgage which as i see it is a guaranteed return that is higher then my current savings accounts or #2 put into investments that are at best a crap shoot as they have been so up and down lately.

I have always been doing paying across the board but for some reason I am anxious to see bigger progress it is just a matter of looking at it i suppose if i save $500 and it goes into savings/ investments/ house etc it is still $500 if it goes to just 1 item like the house.

In many of my previous temp jobs i was feeling this anxious feeling when they were about to come to and end this job most likely will be permanent...... but I feel like i do not want to even bring in anything to personalize my desk it is a weird feeling.
the boss told me he is very happy with my work but I just am sure sooner or later they will see how small of workload there is and i am not needed or maybe part time.

2 Responses to “random thoughts”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Any way you can do both? I mean, pay down your mortgage as well as saving money for retirement. We used to pay an extra amount every month on our mortgage to defray the principal.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    I have been doing both but it seems to be so slow. i keep doing the math on how fast can i pay if i add X amount i need to quit doing that i already cut 2.4 years off my original 15 year loan. i am putting too much pressure on my self to reach goals faster then is realistic.
    now i just want to try to focus on one to see if it feels like it is going faster.

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