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careful for what you wish for

October 22nd, 2019 at 12:37 pm

So yesterday i was drafting a email to temp agency to let them know this job is insufferable.
I also met with manager at job and told him how frustrated i am that there is so little to do. He seemed shocked he thought what I was doing took more time he did not have any answer but wants to schedule more meetings..I gave him suggestions of how I might help but he was more interested in creating an agenda for our next meeting and turning my suggestions into a official sounding item.
I told him I worked through one list given to me from a co-worker and found half the people on list were no longer employed there.
All he said was "that is information management". I told him there are many other reports that might need to be gone through ..... he said maybe.
I do not have access to these why he would not just send to me to cut down these lists so they are accurate????
I was unhappy but told myself i would just give notice then .....
I needed to pick a couple items up at store and when got home DH had not even thought about helping cook or anything I blew up.
Later he told me he had an estimate to replace a 30 yr old furnace in our other home and it will take all of one of my EFs I have built up.
SO I guess I am stuck at this horrible job longer. I am beginning to wonder why?
I have been praying for a sign of what to do. sometimes I think things have a reason. when I was in another job that was supposed to last 6 months... I was approached with offer to apply for this JOB I passed because i had a job.
That job was over in about 5 weeks as the level of work was greatly exaggerated.
I simply answered a email about a different possible position to a different recruiter and the recruiters boss (who originally had tried over a month earlier) asked me to interview for this anyway I thought it was a sign as the job was still open and they are paying $5-6 more per hour so it was surprising to be open. (no one was ever hired so it was not they found out it sucked.) Maybe i need to stay longer when i finally was going to leave this $5000 estimate shows up.

3 Responses to “careful for what you wish for”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    Well, maybe that can be your end goal. "I will stay at this job until I have taken home 5k, beginning now."

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Petunia has a good idea...Perhaps having that end goal will give you something to hold on to.

  3. Smallsteps Says:

    Thank you for that idea the goal may make this more bearable. i am rethinking where i am stashing money so this item does not upset my sense of moving forward. i just started this account about a year ago and so i should be able to rebuild.

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