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cannot seem to make the switch

September 6th, 2019 at 08:24 pm

So when i started new job i told myself to tackle one goal at a time but as payday came i went back to my standard of a bit to everything.

I do not seem to be able to just make one lump sum on one thing then next check another. It is like all the accounts have their mouth opening saying feed me.

I paid extra principle on house
paid a big chunk of cc
added to 3 savings accounts and 2 retirement funds.
paid some basic bills and have just enough for grocery and gas for the next week

I did finally transfer 1500 from a low rate savings to my higher rate account but i still hate looking at the accounts because even though the TOTAL of all accounts is the same, one looks sort of puny.

It is silly that i had told myself to try paying in a different way but when the time came fell back on habit.
i know across the board type of action does not feel like i am getting anywhere fast. I just like to see across the board progress i guess. i really do not think i will be able to pull the trigger on the change for next payday either.

1 Responses to “cannot seem to make the switch”

  1. Amber Says:

    Slow and steady wins the race. You’ve paid extra on your principal, knocked down the CC debt, looks like you’re making progress to me. Hang in there

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