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back on the job

August 29th, 2019 at 05:39 am

So I started my new job it is a year long contract but they are really looking for someone to fit as permanent.
i am secretly glad Monday was a holiday as i am tired. This is an odd situation and although i enjoy a bit of laid back atmosphere i would like a bit more structure.
So being a slow week i only put in 34.75 hours which is still more then zero!. I am slowly revising my goals and hope to be more focused.
I have a tiny bit of debt $850 for an item that only took CC as payment. I will pay that off right away and then focus on my next items

#1 EF goal 3000/ 2135
#2 EF goal 5000/ 4200
have a bit more to meet IRA contribution for the year.

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