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ending august updates

August 19th, 2019 at 06:52 am

Well the job I had a LONG interview with was offered to me I accepted and now it has been almost 3 weeks and the start date is next Monday ( maybe). I can see why this job was open they pay well but if people need a job most can NOT wait week after week until they get IT set up etc. The funny ting was during the interview they acted like HOW soon can you start like they wanted the next day. I can truly see their sense of urgency is NOT the same as most. Since I am not desperate I could wait but I suspect that is why this was not filled already a person who need rent money and does not have the cushion of a spouse or EF could NOT wait.

I have been talking to a few friends and think I may need to reassess my job search in the future. a close friend took a job a couple years ago while they were finishing school. They had finished and I was confused as to WHY they had not moved on. well they showed me that although their per hour rate seems low the pay is all tied to incentive/ bonus thing and they are doing QUITE well once that is factored in. I was speaking to another person whom said her family member also took a job that paid that way and was ridiculously easy for a good worker to meet the criteria for bonuses.

BOTH places paid an attendance bonus and one even paid if you were ON TIME.
How sad that is needed to get your people to show up. I thought it must have been expensive for company but my friend said many simply do not show up or on time. I know the hourly rate is not impressive but when he added in bonuses reaching incentive goals etc he was clearing $2600 NET for two weeks. This would be more then the job I accepted.

I realize that if they got a decent crew those bonuses might be revised or cut but it seems like real easy money considering the job.

hey I noticed Lucky Robin had not posted in awhile since she was very good about every couple days maybe she is on vacation or something.

2 Responses to “ending august updates”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope your new job is a fabulous one.

    I was looking at the job openings in our paper the other day. Libman is a company that is located about 40 minutes away and one of the things they said was there was a bonus for being on time and working your shift. I read that to DH and said it's sad that they have to induce people to be responsible.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    thank you rob62521 i am hoping it works out.
    I was beginning to think i was the only person thinking these bonuses were insane.

    Maybe this is why so many are having trouble making money, they don't show up.
    Perhaps this type of thing that i have been told is more common then i think is why i am losing empathy for some saying they cannot find a job or they pay too little perhaps find one of these just being on time seems lucrative.
    my neighbor whose family member got paid extra to be on time was with UPS. $100 dollars a week to be ON TIME. i mean if it was 5-10 bucks i would not be as shocked.

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