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hurry up and wait

July 30th, 2019 at 11:46 am

So many things are quicker and easier ONLINE but job searches are NOT.
the minute you apply you have to be careful as the job advertised can be a bait and switch and every fly by night agencies start flooding your job email acct if you are smart and set one up separate from your real one. Then often they get more info and I get random texts and calls from people all over the country like I want to move 8 states away for a average job.

I applied for a job I have waited for a year to be an opening and the (government)job post does not close for 6 weeks so by they time I forget about it and take something else they may call.
I realize in this day and age it seems normal to take one and then quit if something else came up. I just feel bad leaving in a very short time. I know it is hard for these businesses to find and hire people.

In other aggravations I keep getting random and may I add very poorly executed calls from bill collectors trying to find a deceased family member. I have zero time for this and just added an extra step in phone screening and deleting and blocking these #.

I am trying to stay positive and ask each day that the path that presents itself is the right one for my next growth in life. I have an 2 hour interview later in week with a company an agency set up I am not sure this is a good fit or even if it is an item I WANT to do but have not brought myself to cancel this.

1 Responses to “hurry up and wait ”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I can see where this could be very frustrating. There are so many folks out there who want to use the bait and switch tactics. It is frustrating as well to do what you are required and then wait forever to hear anything. Hang in there!

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