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need to get motivated

July 18th, 2019 at 11:40 am

So I had a few meetings with people about jobs but I just am having trouble getting motivated to really sit down and search.
I realize I need clear motivation to be successful and not end up with another nightmare like last place. I keep spending at a minimum anyway so I am not rushed and want to be at least content with a new job.

I have been approached lately by people random inside stores asking to get money for gas or a purchase?
It is making me leery of going to any store in area alone. I have heard that a big city near mine with a big homeless population is trying to (under the radar of media) shoo them away so maybe they came north to my city.
I guess it will curtail any extra spending as I simply feel defensive to go into the grocery store now.
I do not want to be that person I know some people simply are having a problem but to be aggressively panhandled in a store aisle is TOO far.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sadly, many folks claim to be homeless, but aren't, are panhandling because it is considered to be their first amendment rights. In our town supposedly if they are aggressive, you can call the police, but what is the line on what is truly aggressive. I try not to make eye contact and if someone asks me for something, I tell them to go to the local place that is open all day that provides food, drink, clothes, and other things like a shower. I would be afraid to get my phone out in case someone would grab it if I tried to call 911. I do think going alone can be scary. We have some folks who are panhandling and a couple were interviewed and they didn't give their full names, but claimed they made over $100 a day sitting there with a sign saying "Homeless -- anything helps."

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