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shred day

June 29th, 2019 at 10:02 am

So in the process of looking for a piece of paper I know I touched at least twice last time I was looking for something else I uncovered a mess of papers I stuck in box or drawer meaning to look later.

I decided to go through and shred all OLD 2015 and prior items I have no idea why I keep as most I can access online even older lets say contribution conformations and bank statements.
Still have not come across the item I need but I cleaned out a large bag and recycled a ton of paper with no personal info/ and empty envelopes. so I feel more in control of paper mountain.

I am still moving money around to put as much away as possible while still on my bad temp assignment. I am slowly lowering amount I usually keep in checking was 2k lowered to 1500 now working on 900 but it is hard to go under amounts until I feel ok about it. it is the right thing as this checking account is not making interest and my other accounts are.
IT is just habit is hard to break.

I have applied for a much more promising position ( please keep good thoughts for me) that is more long term as this assignment has made me rethink my position on Temp work. I was ok enjoyed 6-12 month assignments and then taking time off in between but this one has been TOTALLY not worth it.
Started with some pre-cooking to save time making dinners in the weekdays I am working later then DH so he has to do some meals.
I par=roasted some vegetables and then he can heat and finish quickly in a pan. I also am pre-caramelizing some onions with peppers.
Went to a concert last night was very good and the best part was watching the crowd I am always amused by what people will do or wear in this area. I am dismayed that so many people seem to think an outfit for yardwork also doubles as night on the town. LOL

disappointed in people

June 26th, 2019 at 06:01 am

We have been super frugal for many years and put off some home items thinking we will find time to get it done.
Well the HOA sent a reminder to all about things put off either we are not the only ones or it was a round about nudge.
Anyway we decided to hire a person whom has done many projects in area He gave an estimate we discussed all items to be done.
we came home after the work was to be done and wow what a mess he hacked the trees/ bushes we have instead of pulling weeds only weed whacked to the ground so I will see them back soon.
This should have been a good days work he did in about 3 hours? my husband refused to pay the amount but offered about 1/2 as it was so poorly done.
The guy took that as payment but I am so unhappy we finally hired someone that did so badly even though other ppl here seem to hire this guy over and over.

I am kicking myself for not doing it myself.

Job continues to be less then great in fact barely tolerable I had an email to apply for a better position I sent my resume and such as requested hope I hear from them soon.
The MGR here was not sure if we had to work on the 4th of july until another TEMP told her on holidays the building is closed/ locked …. how could she be so uninformed she has been there a decade. A temp should not know more about policy / procedure then a manager.

look back to see progress

June 20th, 2019 at 06:04 am

this is one of the entries I had in the forum setting

June 2018
mort 27,920
car 4250
cc#1 125
cc#2 1095

NOW in 2019....
The difference now is I only have the mortgage which is at 21,938 all other is gone.

I have saved approx. about $4600 give or take a few dollars for ef/ house fund savings and another 3700 contributions in investment accts that include IRA/ ROTH/ an taxable fund acct.

I should feel great that there is a very noticeable progress but I am not feeling it.

I felt more focused when I had real debt. just too many places to put money now. Yes I want to focus better on ira/roth last year I wanted to increase the savings area first.

First check on this job

June 20th, 2019 at 05:23 am

I just saw the deposit of the first check of job. it was only for 38.5 hours as we cut a day short when the place had zero access for us due to poor planning.

as I finish up week 2 I really see this was a mistake to take this one. Anyway my money goes into 3 accts and will take a couple of checks to get back to levels I want.
After taking this job and being miserable I paid a bunch of things that depleted my accounts to below my Normal comfort level. Even though it was suppose to make me want to stay on job it did not help much. I paid enough on principle on house #1 so regular payments will take it down another $2000 level by end of year. added to retirement and took all savings accounts up a bit.

Was talking to co-workers whose lives are very different as they were desperate for check to hit their accts. They talked about changing direct deposit to their wives accts so they can curb their spending. I told them the place can split the deposit up to (6 )accts. and said I did that. I just do not understand how they can miss it as it is clear on the site we use for paycheck info.
I clearly do not get their world. Now they want everyone to go in to buy lunch for whole group. I do not want to be cheap but I see this as a headache and expense I simply do not want. Live in fear this will end up with all others "forgetting" their wallet or picking some expensive choice since they are spend every dime kind of people.

trying to make it work

June 15th, 2019 at 10:59 am

I realized my frustration level is effecting many aspects of my life. I really need more of a goal/ plan to be focused on other items.

I finished week one of new temp assignment I truly hope we can finish project faster then the 6 months they planned. There are 5 temps 2 I had worked with previously. one of those was let go last time for incompetence I cannot fathom why this place hired him again.
The 2 new temps are looking for permanent placements and this will not be one. New ppl to the temp game often fall for the cheerleading staff agencies who do this to get people to sign up.

One is traveling a big distance and it really confuses me as closer to her home is much bigger and busier in help wanted on ALL the job seeking websites so Why take a job so far from home? Other lady is from a place I found NEVER fired even the worst people but she was let go...…??? makes me wonder.

some already on day 3 begging for OT really hope they only offer to them as at least 2 of us DO NOT want any OT. It will be harder to find a new gig when they are insisting on 8-5 because that is the hours MGR likes to work. I guess I can schedule interviews and call them doctors appointments.

I dislike lying but am not impressed with this as after one week we did more work then they planned for and the manager wants us to slow down so it meets her time plan instead of having her boss see that mgr really did not KNOW how long this would take. Big game of CYA in my opinion.

Sorry to rant.
On the finance front I am still not sure what plan to put first bigger EF/ IRA/ principal paydown on house #1. It is easier to put up with crappy placements when I have a focus for the money so it is very important for me to pick one.

day one

June 10th, 2019 at 06:19 pm

Well today was day one of new job it was a complete disaster as the company still did not complete access for 3 out of 4 people the fifth person did not bother to show up and when called said she did not get the email we all did.
Really not looking forward to the next six months with this crew ( one they rehired was let go for incompetence during last assignment).
I hope the rest of week goes better. I was told I did not need to do some paperwork since we just left but once again the rep was WRONG and I had to spend about an hour doing paperwork again.

I am now seriously just staying until i line up another job I have always stayed the entire length of contract but I really do not feel they have lived up to anything they promised so why do I feel honor bound.

I have a bunch of expenses coming up and this will be easy money for that. need to get estimates on dealing with a tree that has a huge branch looking dead I want it cut off or tree removed before wind or storm blows it into my house( #1) or neighbors fence.

Need to invest some on my house #1 that daughter and son in law live in all though some small expenses I feel they could pick up since they are paying about 1/3 of market rate for rent.