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does anyone follow the rules

May 31st, 2019 at 05:42 pm

so I did talk with a few other job items but was waiting thinking I would hear any day on start time on the job OFFERED and ACCEPTED on May 20th
I finally told them I had other offers was no longer waiting since I had not heard back from them and it has been almost 2 weeks. Immediately I got a phone call with many excuses for the delay etc.
they use an extremely small lab for employment screenings the page you print out and take had in all caps none would be done without an appointment so I followed the RULES and made the soonest possible. when I got there I found even with an all caps note in a different color from all of the page the squeezed ppl in IF they did not make an appointment.
WHY do I mention this ??
Because the first EXCUSE for dragging this out seemed to be insinuating it is MY fault I had to wait a few days for my appointment.
I guess I should have just showed up and demanded to be worked in sooner????
I am so angry now even though they also said they do not have computers set up for this job and my access although I was just on their system 30 days ago..... I passed on another opportunity at this point and with a Wednesday June 5th start date my first check will be for only 24 hrs.
this frustration is added to my other items I have had to deal with lately with a bank and others things.
the area I now live in just has this idea of oh well that is how things work... NO you keep a candidate in the loop as to timeframe etc not wait until they tell you I am thinking of taking something else. No wonder they seem so surprised when they find a good person most would have moved on.
I am at a loss lately as to why I HONOR my word. READ and follow rules and simply do my best when it seems like NO one else is.

I am simply at the point where I have calculated my expected return on this job and by January.
I will be moving back to my original city where People have more respect for others.

life on hold

May 29th, 2019 at 08:28 pm

so I had an interview on the 20th they offered position on the spot they acted like it was an ASAP thing ...............….but they have to do paperwork etc so it is now the 29th with no start date given yet.

I am assuming it will be next Monday but I am now getting some other offers for interviews and I am debating on whether I should respond and act like the other deal is not done. I did accept and I will feel wrong for not honoring that verbal commitment but am frustrated that it is dragging on.

I hope that I get the call by Friday or I will simply have to move on. I sometimes wonder if my loyalty to my word and not wanting to burn bridges is actually holding me back.

new shoes .. new plan

May 24th, 2019 at 08:44 pm

So today my son came by and we went shopping for new shoes... I had an idea of what I wanted but was not seeing what I had in mind.
Went to a few stores, picked up a couple of items at a new store to our area called Anko. They had some extremely inexpensive items was fun to look at.
They had clothing and once I was good looking for US sizes as the tag size refers to Australia size. I do not think the conversion was accurate as I bought a size that should fit but was quite snug. cannot decide to return item or use it as motivation to drop some weight.
We then went a few more places and I found an acceptable shoe item of what I was looking for my son insisted a get a second pair of basic tennis shoes and made sure I promptly threw out the pairs I had at home that were starting to fall apart.
We had a long talk about spending habits as he makes good money and spends quite freely ( he bought my 2 pair of shoes today) he told me he Never saw me buy things for myself only things for him and siblings and dad when he was a child.
He seems to think I do not value myself and am squirreling away money that I should spend some on myself as my expenses are quite low and most all of my income is just extra for his dad and I.

Sometimes my kids can be the harshest critics but I often see their point after thinking about it. I should have taken a walk after dinner by talked myself out of it as it has rained a bit and well the shoe are brand new.
yes I see the procrastination.....

since I just left my last Temp assignment a month ago they do not need me to fill out all paperwork again but will need to take a drug test. I appreciate the reason but I am aggravated that the lab they use only has 2 locations both very hard to get to through a ton of traffic. I planned to go on Wednesday but had trouble printing up paper for it when I got it printed found lab now ONLY takes appointments( last time before last assignment they took walk ins) so I can not go until Tuesday after the holiday.
I think that is going to push back start date I had hoped it would be before june 1 but now doubt that will happen. need a new frame of mind and I think getting back to work may help this funk I have been fighting lately.

hard to change bad habits

May 23rd, 2019 at 10:08 am

Not about money completely but other habits.
I went into super frugal mode when I was in between jobs even though I was confident I could replace my last temp gig.
I had many offers from places but with them came a long commute so I sat back and now was re-hired for another temp assignment where I was.

Close to me and they are paying more per hour the schedule is more 8-5 when I have been in jobs that were like 5am to 2 so this will seem much later and with that comes a lot of traffic for the commute.

I did not get a lot done when I have been at home sat and watched a lot of tv did some reorganizing but I need to do more yard work and start walking for exercise I did limit and made diet changes losing some weight but in the big picture wasted a lot of time. Did not touch any savings but did make a dent in one of the checking accts as I am still paying for food and small bills I was paying when working.

During the last months of my last temp placement that ended about a month ago I was not focused on what I was doing with money. I just threw it at everything.

I did add to savings (about 3000) and retirement (about 4000) as well as paying down principal (1000) on my home #1.
I think I would feel better having more cash if I continue working temp things that can have time between jobs. I had the cash in savings but I was determined to not tap that. while that is good I also feel I was too restrictive as I did not buy things I actually need like new shoes mine are falling apart.

trying to blog again.

May 13th, 2019 at 05:54 am

I was simply not in the right place to blog before not sure I am now but I find putting ideas or things in writing especially with the ability to get feedback is something I might need.

I am in a very mixed place as my temporary job has now ended. I have no desire to find a new placement and simply have not seen the right job listings for something I can picture myself in a permanent role. I know that I need to adjust my attitude to be in a better place I am just frustrated by incompetence that surrounds me.

For some unknown reason the IRS said the direct deposit for our refund did not work no explanation (the routing and acct # were correct) so they said they would mail a check waiting and waiting and when it gets here not only did they have the wrong zip code they put the wrong street # ( my street is 112th they had address on 11th street) too all was CORRECT on the filing and the w-2s attached , just gross incompetence on the IRS.

I had many emails the last week of work telling me they wanted to place me here or there.... I responded to all those that were relevant to my commute distances etc and told agencies, I was free on a specific date.... fast forward and now zero follow-ups or getting back in touch with me.

there were many jobs listed while I was still working I should have applied for but as I felt I should finish assignment and the last couple of weeks they kept changing end dates I honored my commitment now that I am done the good postings in my area seem to vanish.

thankfully I am in a good finance place. I was really able to boost my savings at last placement and spouse income is more then enough to support us. I have NEVER applied for unemployment but know that I am qualified to do so I am wondering if it will be worth the hassle just in case I do get a call back from temp place.