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friday surprise

January 18th, 2019 at 03:02 pm

As I have posted before I am in a temp role as a company is moving this department to another state.
I was hired on and I know it is most likely not going to last until the estimated end date.
Today I found one of the other Temps was told that her position ends at end of month yesterday ( she called in sick today ) so I think it may be sooner. I really was surprised as she had more responsibility then many others.

The lady that trained me and was training the people whom will take our places over skype was sure her position would last until may/ june.
I was in the mood that either hurry up and train them so I can move on.
she had recently updated her resume and was sure all our positions will go faster then we think. Today the on-site rep wanted to meet with her we thought to go over her resume and talk about possible different departments.
Instead they showed up at her cubicle and helped her clean her belongings out.
I am shocked and do not know what to expect on Monday. I cut back on some automatic payments I had scheduled and will re-evaluate Monday I guess. I know this happens but I was counting on a bit of notice even 1-2 weeks is better then that.

bite my tongue

January 8th, 2019 at 04:51 am

So I was approached by a childhood friend asking me to reach out to a mutual friend who is going through big life changes.
Long story short her hubby left and the divorce is getting ugly. Her life was picture perfect and like many other friends before they simply are not thinking clearly about the fact that they need to seriously DO the math. the income is simply not there anymore and things go with that decrease in finances

I guess that the ruling will decide if she gets the house while she wants it for her kids, the payment/ or even upkeep and taxes will most likely be most of her income. Not even sure if she has fulltime job as she was PT and lived a lifestyle that was paid by hubby.
Yes she will get support for awhile but as her kids are teens that is short term.
I want so badly to say "winning" the house to lose it later when you cannot keep up is not winning.
This will be a lesson in biting my tongue.

here we go again

December 6th, 2018 at 04:46 am

So for anyone that has read my posting you might know I started current TEMP placement in august and suppose to end in June.
Here is December and I am counting down the days. I realize it is my issue but I am just not embracing incompetence. I realize that we all make mistakes and can miss small details but lately the people who are SIMPLY not reading.
I attach and organize POs and paperwork for billing. A lady who has done this job for years (almost a decade), emails me asking "where the info was that accepted the updated price of service?"

I literally told her it is the line in the email sent by the CUSTOMER that is in BOLD font. Then she said "oh never mind , I did not read it" literally it is her job to read. Then we have those who do not scroll down, again long time people that just want me to spoon feed them the items they need.

I am making awesome progress with my finances since this place, in my opinion, grossly overpays based on the job, BUT I cannot stand incompetence and a complete lack of give a hoot.
Another co-worker stays the maximum OT and what is she doing … shopping online and playing on her phone.

I know it is everywhere but I am just fed up at the crap.
Now manager thinks we all need so much OT but I finish my 8 hours of work in 5 and am bored out of my mind cause I don't watch tv on my phone!!!!!!!!


December 1st, 2018 at 09:12 am

As I write this it is day one of a month were so many are out there shopping and buying things....
I do not want things, I don't want to give things either. I had hoped to do what a call an "experience Christmas"

The idea is to buy concert tickets or maybe a some other small experience. already planned one for a 4 year old but the rest of family is not keen on the idea.
Probably because in the past they never used their "gift" one year my son wanted us to get a small ding in his car fixed we said yep just do it we would pay well he never seemed to schedule it and now has already sold that car and bought something else. So I always look at it like his gift was a empty promise.

My son who married in August seemed to roll his eyes at idea but his spouse had the gall to ask if I would pay for a trip to Italy??? Really over the top of the idea.
I also have decided to get rid of things I am not in the frame of mind or have time to plan shipping etc to sell stuff either online or whatever I think I will re-gift some nice items that for whatever reason I just stored for years.
I really could kick myself I do not know what I was saving these things for. The people who gave these to me must have wanted me to enjoy them but instead things sat in a closet. what a waste.

dealing with the upcoming stress

November 17th, 2018 at 07:24 am

This year I am hoping to avoid most stress that starts after Halloween and often goes into January.

I used to think how hard would it be to have a death etc to ruin a holiday. Last year I FOUND out.

After many days of lingering after taken off life support my mother passed on Black Friday. My thanksgiving was alone in a cafeteria of a hospital. Thankfully they did a great job for those who were either working or in the hospital.

This year all the grown kids have their own plans, we are on our own. i hoped to not cook but DH received a free turkey from his job so I think he want me to cook. last year he was at home with deli fried chicken while I was waiting in hospital in another city.

I just want to forget Thanksgiving for at least a few years. then come holidays I feel more obligated then excited about gifts etc. my kids are grown and really do not need/ want much so it becomes a chore to find stuff and I always want to get things that will be used as opposed to stuff to clutter their world.

During this is year end in my job which seems to be a big issue (I have only been here since august). They expect us to put tons of OT in for this and i am not sure how well I can operate with no time/ no ideas and simply no joy this year. OT is just not worth it when I am falling into this depression.
A radio station has already started the Christmas music had to drop it off my presets in car until it is over.

dealing with bad customer service

September 22nd, 2018 at 05:16 pm

So the last couple of days have been trying to deal with just in my opinion unacceptable issues with companies I do business with. I have worked in customer service and do not usually let minor BS bother me but this week has me frustrated.
I am tired of emails with NO purpose but to sell me something. My homeowners insurance company sent 2 increasingly urgent emails that I call them to go over my policy ASAP. I called when I had a chance as business hours I am usually working. I TOLD them I was responding to THEIR emails and they acted like I called to discuss stuff about policy on my own they had hoped to sell me additional policies like car even though they had cancelled ME a few years ago because my son had an accident. so the guy said HUH well that is what those emails are about is to sell you upgrades or other insurance. I went back and re-read emails and shared with a friend who also agreed that WAS not the tone of email it was more like if I did not call there was going to be a problem.

#2 I have a membership at a massage chain and have built up many free uses and could not catch up with using them so I took a freeze on membership for 6 months to get a chance to use up visits. I am now in month 4 and for 2 of 4 months they tried to charge me the fee that is waived during a freeze. I complained and they acted like it was somehow my fault.

#3 This year the insurance we have through my husbands employer had already made me angry by sending a demanding letter to get a bunch of tests some person at insurance company decided without ever seeing me I needed. I ignored their RUDE letter NOW I get one with them assigning me a doctor.... in a town about 15-20 miles away from where I live … WTH?? Now I have to fight them to use a doctor in their network that is in my neighborhood seriously they have my address they sent the letter!!
I guess I should buy them a map app so they can see assigning to someone in another town is STUPID.

I need to get in a better frame of mind to deal with these annoyances.... I will talk to my independent agent to discuss insurance maybe change companies... massage place have now waived all fees and offered extras to appease me.

next is health insurance, every one whom asked who the company is just groans, and says "I am sorry, they suck" so I doubt I will have anything but trouble maybe next year company will have a better option.


September 17th, 2018 at 03:10 pm

So I have wrote out 3 previous entries to the blog some were long and detailed and when I pushed the button to save and publish it just disappears so I am sending a test through today to see if it works.

hooray it finally works so I will just add to this.

The new job is going very well and even though it only last until JUNE 2019 I will make the most of the checks.
I was trying to hit every possible thing with money but I am truly getting frustrated at the speed so I am really dialing down on the car loan. being that it is the last quarter of the year I also want to send as much as I can to my IRA and Roth. also each end of month week they offer OT so I will try to get at least a few hours extra.

the bonus interest rate on my new accounts has made me think I should move most of my liquid accounts to this CU, although I noticed this last month my bank has lifted the rate they pay so I am doing a tiny bit better there.