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so it begins

December 2nd, 2018 at 03:28 pm

I went out this weekend and started the dreaded Christmas shopping....
I wanted to pick up the lifesaver candy books while Target had a good selection, last year I had to go to a couple of stores since they were almost gone. some of my group like the gummies, some the hard candy and still others like the starburst versions.
NEVER bring DH along soon I had dog treats and a gingerbread house in the cart along with some personalized ornaments for the grandkids. I bought some clothes for the little ones. so it added up quickly.

We woke up this morning and DH's I-pad simply died would not turn on so off to the apple store and lucky him he had bought it exactly one year ago to the day so they simply replaced his old one they could not get it to do anything their diagnostic machine simply said dead.

While waiting for his turn at apple, I found a specialty tea store bought some tea for myself a bit more then I would usually pay but that is what seems to happen when you are out and about around the holidays.
Also stopped in Penney's and found two shirts and a pair of jeans with a friends and family discount promotion they had I got the 3 items for $32

Also went to use a $10 discount earned from a previous visit at Oshkosh store.
I bought some footed PJs and some shirts for my 1 yr old grandson. all in all a good deal of $17 after the 10 dollars off.

We then decided to get a nice lunch out... so considering I had 7.5 hours of OT last week I ended up spending about $45 over the OT money I guess I can live with that.

awesome deal

July 9th, 2018 at 01:50 pm

So yesterday, Sunday I went to look at dresses for my sons upcoming wedding. I simply hate shopping but went to a store saw something I might not have considered but it met all color preference (to match wedding colors) simplicity etc. I first thought it was going to be too big so stepped out of store then went back in to try on since sizes vary so wildly anymore. It was a good fit was comfortable and my son likes it so took up to register and it must have been a clearance item as it rang up for less then half what the tag said. So HUGE win!!

Went to the interview I took the day off my job I just started to go. Not sure if I am going to get it but lady interviewing was awesome she had a great attitude and really inspired me. so even if passed up for job that 40 minutes was time well spent.

OMG need to vent so for a WEEK I have told the temp agency the time card they have says I am still working at the last assignment NOT the current one. So today I get a nasty email about not submitting my time. I explained AGAIN why and then they discovered ALL the paperwork takes an hour to fill out was sent to me for the wrong employer so I have worked a week for a company they did not have me linked to. I was on the fence about still talking to others about jobs but seriously so mad at the Incompetence by this group in the last couple of months I will be glad to say "see ya!" the job prospects in area are really good at moment and I felt guilty for taking other interview today but NOPE if they can not keep my sensitive paperwork with the correct group etc I do not want to work for them.