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picking up the check

December 15th, 2018 at 11:23 pm

A little back story my spouse and I have been together for 34 years. we got married this last February. We have always had separate sort of finances. I have access to his accounts but he has no access to mine he makes almost 3x my income always has.
I work temp jobs and while working I try to contribute more to household bills and events. Often we end up taking our grown children and spouses out to meals very often ( about 80%) I pick up the check. I never say how much I paid etc.
Tonight we took our son and his spouse out for a get together for Christmas. DH picked a fairly pricey restaurant ( I had suggested more reasonably priced options) and seemed to insist everyone order whatever. I had planned on grabbing the check because I have had some OT, but he was giving the server his card before I reached my purse.
I told him as we were leaving I was going to pick up check and he started in complaining about it was $236 and I only pick up the small tabs etc. and proceeded to break down what price certain items cost placing the cost blame on my sons spouse.
I was and still am a bit confused as to WHY we should be playing who paid for what. We are not hurting for money but I too agreed that seemed high for dinner for 4. does anyone else keep tabs on what their spouse paid for etc??