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hurry up and wait

January 13th, 2019 at 04:29 pm

So the end should be near on this temp job. when hired they said june now their official thing says end of april but honestly think by mid feb should do it.

I am ready but other temp is freaking out and causing problems which makes me want to go even more.
I will pull back on my aggressive saving plan that I started after paying off car. I would like a couple of extra checks in bank in case I have some time between placements. I am not thrilled with the new temp place I am with for this job, might contact old company to get back with them.

my friend, I mentioned in last post contacted me. ugh I just wanted to stay out of her drama. I am Amazed that in this day and age she is clueless about what assets / retirement they had so she can get a fair settlement.
I really hope her lawyer is good, cause talking with her I see she is one big financial mess.

been a warm winter here and just grey I hate that I would rather have snow then just drab. Sunny days makes me want to go out and clean yard. there is a dent in lawn from where the neighbors tree top fell in wind storm I will need to do something or this will just be a trip hazard everytime I mow.

Been really bored with our menu lately bought a few items we have not had in a long time kind of upped my grocery cost but I just am done with the same ol same ol.

We were given a Portal thing for Christmas from our son he also gave one to his sisters family so I get non stop video calls from grandkids and 4 yr old can only hold a small conversation I am ready to unplug the thing already.

final payment

January 5th, 2019 at 03:48 pm

So I just scheduled the last payment on car for Monday. it is just two months past the 2 years mark on loan so that is good.
I have scheduled payments for the next month on my next goals to focus more towards retirement.
We are thinking about moving back to town where home #1 is my daughter and her family live at house now but I think it would be fine to get her on her own.

This was a beneficial item she took care of house I have many things there. and paid the payment which is significantly lower then RENT as Zillow estimates I could get almost 3x more then what she is paying.

When we sell 2nd home it has been estimated at quite a bit more as we picked it up at a bargain price because we had cash. I will be able to quickly pay the rest of mortgage on house #1 and have a nice chunk left. It will all depend on the job market if DH can make a deal on a job he applied for we will go.

The cost of living is lower in that area and I will be able to find a job fairly quickly and finish up our plan for retirement. DH is ok even if we find a second place there if daughter wants to stay in house but we are thinking we should raise her rent and put the difference in her kids college funds I started.

Found some change walking to car after grocery shopping. I am thinking about what I do with found money I usually throw in a can and then roll it up after awhile but I am thinking I need to find a way to put in bank sooner then sitting there for awhile.

priorities changing

December 30th, 2018 at 08:26 am

Once again I am looking at new priorities.

I have done this many times before usually it is before a major life change. I have gone through cycles of focused savings and something comes up that makes me rethink the sacrifices.

A dear friend had her life planned and things changed in a big way. At our age restarting and revamping plans is not impossible but definitely much harder. I do not want to point fingers and NO you can not see every pitfall in life but even just observing this fiasco makes me want to totally rethink my plans and leave more room for what ifs. I am not talking items covered by some type of insurance but items that will rock your world.
I read the other bloggers and some on forum that seem to assume a lot in planning "x amount by this time" and income plans that leave no room but assumed raises but no what if plans.

I am at a loss of which way to go with future plans for upcoming year.
I am funding retirement and most all debt besides mortgage is paid.
Now many will say do investments whatever instead of prepay on mortgage but it is an easy win seeing it drop and a mental boost so I will do that too. My income fluctuates so my budget is not set in stone maybe I am just nervous on the sidelines watching a bonfire of my friends life.

2018 wins and fails

December 29th, 2018 at 01:27 pm

I was hesitant to do this entry just because I expected my wins would not be that great etc but really it is just a good exercise in accountability

my wins:
owe 137 left on car this will be in just over half the real loan length

restructured my investments/ ira/ roth and made an effort to look each month as opposed to just once a year. Also focused on putting more away.

opened an extra savings/ checking account for emergency funds that make a great deal in interest

last just found a $75 gift card in a drawer that will pay my gas expense for 5-6 weeks.

my fails :
need to set up estate plans after my mom died last year I saw what a mess it can be for those not prepared.

cannot seem to find a job I can stand for more then about 6 months need to let incompetence and lazy not bother me anymore.

My best wins actually have little to do with money but instead greater understanding of and appreciation of things in my life.
I was recently quite upset about a disagreement with husband as I was driving home, I practiced a SPEECH OR REBUTTALS but as I pulled in the driveway I looked at my phone and saw a message from a friend talking about a mutual friend whose life is currently in a marriage shambles.
I saw my disagreement was not that big or important. this saved a messy argument and stress. I really have been blessed with these "signs" that show me the bigger picture.

dire need of financial education for all

December 16th, 2018 at 07:45 am

I think way too many people have a one size fits all mentality with finances. I find it odd that people assume so much based on this misinformation or assumptions promoted by media or others basically trying some angle.
The facts are people can make things work if they want it. / people are retiring with savings/ people are paying off debt student and otherwise. EVERY article with fancy charts and manipulated stats seem to say otherwise.

We have heard over and over again that BOTH spouse must work to make ends meet...
In families with kids the childcare cost eat most of a second spouses income unless like me and my spouse we worked opposite shifts that minimized our childcare cost. some people are actually better off with a spouse working PT or staying home.

I remember the SALESPITCH of 401k that it was mobile and the person was in control of their choice of risk level and investments.... Now we are finding that was a big mistake

NOW everyone seems to be whining that RETIREMENT is impossible with out a pension. It says to me people want someone else to blame if their retirement blows.

Well all those who believe that pensions are sustainable are now seeing the funding for BIG promises made is not there ( one of the reasons the idea of IRA/ 401K were started in the first place). Sooner of later people can not kick that gross underfunding down the road ( Chicago recently proposed to sell pot and a casino to make up their gross underfunding) . There will be a big mess down the road.

There was very little follow through to educate people on the rules and how they Rollover a 401k so you end up with people reluctant to take the wheel in their own retirement planning. As shown by many on this site IT IS possible to save and invest in the future.
As tax time rolls into the headlines more misleading articles will start soon and the misinformation will flow.

The facts are %s mean almost nothing with taxes when those whom are in the larger tax brackets always have loophole or carved out special deductions to avoid paying taxes.
Yet the politicians and media want people to believe % matter.

the flintstones

December 3rd, 2018 at 05:41 pm

I was thinking about watching the Flintstones as a child.
I remember Fred would often have some sort of big idea or opportunity and perhaps get to leave the gravel pit forever but alas something would happen and whatever Fred gained he loses it back to the same or close to the same place he started.

I have had moments like that when as soon as I have a debt gone or reach a milestone..... something will happen and I seem to be right back in the same neighborhood of debt.
I have been on a roll for bit without a "correction" and am becoming very cautious for what is around the corner.
Even writing this I feel like I am tempting fate but I wanted to know if any others here had experienced the same type of phenomenon???

401 k option

November 25th, 2018 at 09:34 am

so being a long weekend I started cleaning out old mail and items I need to organize. It is something I tell myself I wont let build up again but always do.
I opened some that seemed like junk mail again it was an offer for a 401k with the temp company.
I read through the proposal a few times and it seemed like it was questionable if I should sign up. it has fees that seem high and a $25 fee to rollover if I change jobs etc. I have had 401ks at other places NEVER had to pay a rollover fee.
It also has a 3 year before you are vested to collect any match but literally says some assignments have a match and some don't. so this assignment will credit 6 months and this one has a match no guarantee that next placement has a match. also need to stay with this group for the next 3 years. Not sure if I want to add that to my items when I need to chose next gig.
The whole thing seems vague but I recently have been open to considering options I would have just decided no immediately. Like looking at the road not traveled.
I asked a friend and posted on the forum but instead got a 401k sales pitch and lessons on compound interest. I know it is not personal but it is aggravating when some responses seem condescending.

Anyway I guess I will just skip this at the present time.

here comes November

November 1st, 2018 at 04:12 am

Well we seem to never have trick or treaters in my neighborhood but DH asked me to buy some candy in case...I think incase he wants some.

I was surprised at the cost of candy it is not something I normally buy so it seemed a little higher then I expected for fun size bars.
I was wondering what other items people may not buy very often and then seem surprised what the price is ?????

I only did very little OT because we really did not have the work. I was surprised that my coworker has stayed 2 hours extra a day and most of that is watching tv on her phone. just in case last minute emails came in before the month end cut off. Sometimes I think i could use the OT money but cannot justify sitting there doing nothing.

keeping up with whomever

October 18th, 2018 at 06:39 pm

I know that comparing is fruitless as we all have different realities. I spent the day at a teambuilding event for my work we all went to a corn maze and had lunch and played games. I tend to be very quiet and listen and frankly I was stunned by the amount of info they shared.

Many of these people have the new gadgets, nicer cars etc but many of them are working themselves to death with multiple jobs and openly share the fact they are broke.
In this area and I have worked at many places as I do temp work and this scene plays out over and over.
While I should be thrilled and feel grateful that my situation is by comparison, fantastic, I feel sad that the state of financial health and the lack of real financial education by the masses.
I feel over paid at this place for the type of work and they are generous with OT but the people are all chasing their tails.
This is NOT a low end company and I cannot fathom how far ahead I would be if I had been here even a year ago.
I wonder what effect being surrounded by people never making headway is. I think when you look to those around you it is easy to justify splurges as everyone else is doing it etc.

need to track better

October 13th, 2018 at 08:32 am

so I just received the 7th check at my new job based on average amount x 7= Q
I think I have about 26 weeks more left on this placement.
I then took Q and subtracted all extra payments on debt only ended up with about half of total of Q...…..

next I subtracted bills paid/ food cost/ gas / and then found I still have about 800 I don't have a clear idea where it went.

I think about 400 went to IRA/ other investment and think the other 400 was split among the savings accounts / checking accounts and a couple of eating out splurges. and a $80 eye cream I bought and LOVE.

I told myself that I was going to pay off more then I did and even though I felt good watching balances drop I feel disappointed that 400 seemed to not be clearly accounted for.

Smallsteps's Personal Finance Blog update

August 28th, 2018 at 05:24 pm

This new job has a Friday payday. The previous one the direct deposit was on Wednesday.
I will learn to adjust my payments but in reality I have a large cushion in checking which is now I am thinking too large and could do more for me in either an interest earning account or paying extra on debt.
I also have decided that there are a few items I have put off that really should be dealt with such as some minor car/ house maintenance. I also need to revisit my retirement goals as these contract jobs do not offer 401k etc and I need to bump up my IRA/ Roth IRA.
I realize I have gotten impatient and could have possibly done better investing instead of throwing so much towards mortgage which is at a very low interest rate. I will try to hold off on throwing money on that but in reality it is a very fast WIN to see the mortgage balance fall.

what to do

July 6th, 2018 at 05:47 pm

So this is day four of new job. All in all it is very difficult to learn the processes when the "experts" who did this job for years up and quit together last week. Was super frustrated at the misinformation I have been given and having to go back and re-do so many processes. When I left for lunch I saw an email/ a text and missed call/ voice mail about the other job I had applied for a day or two before this one. Well they want to interview me Monday.
I think I will call in and take the interview. I am not sure if that is the right move as calling in so soon for no guarantee interview but Honestly was so frustrated today this industry uses tons of acronyms yet they have no sheet to list them. They say well there are too many to write them down when asking for help it is often half hour to hour before getting answer. As I left tonight a co-worker tells me I did more "work" by just jumping in and taking a shot at it then he did the first 2 months there. That is sad ( for the business) because honestly I feel like I only did about a days work in my mind.

I am not sure what to do. I think I will regret it if I pass up a chance at a job I might enjoy better as I am having issues with staying motivated to work fulltime. The interview place pays a bit less an hour but hopefully it is better organized with ACTUAL training. I prefer straight forward work to the game of guesstimates which is what this company has.

day one of job

July 3rd, 2018 at 06:26 am

Well it is hard to tell on day one but I do not see this as long term. I know I should not take the placement where they want people to become permanent because I am fighting the mindset of just being tired of the 5 day grind. The fact that this place has no real training program is amazing.
Regardless of computer use in past each system is different. Just like a cashier from Walmart cannot go in and do Costco or Target with no knowledge of THEIR system.
The girl trying to show me things had only been there a couple weeks and did not know answers to any questions. Coming home bored and frustrated did not help with me trying to be positive about this. I put in auto bill payments on everything hoping if I have progress on finances maybe I can be motivated to give this a try.
Our dogs visit to vet was ok I guess they gave him pain meds and said if he does not get better in a few days bring him back for x-ray ( I do not see why that was not a higher priority). he is a small dog that started acting this way after jumping from a fairly high spot. so more todo trying to get dog to take pills.

one thing after another

July 2nd, 2018 at 07:16 am

We went out of town for the weekend our dog travels with us and is normally a very enthusiastic traveler for some unknown issue he acts like he is ill. I asked spouse to take him to vet in other town but he said wait, he just is in denial thinking dog will bounce back.
Honestly as a rescue they guessed dog was 4 when we got him it has been 5 years so he is an older dog. From experience with our other dogs I honestly think it is towards end of life. DH is going to take him in at noon but I seriously worry about leaving him to start new job today.
Maybe I just am trying to not go. I am now stressed about what ifs....

new job

July 1st, 2018 at 04:54 pm

Really did not want to.... but said yes to the job I interviewed for on Friday. they called a few hours after interview.
I know... why did I interview if I did not want job? Honestly interviews are not my strong suit and so many times I have heard you were close but another candidate was a better fit. I always go to interviews for practice.

So I am going and will try it out they seem to have gone through a few people in the last few months so maybe it is something I won't excel at and they chose to go another direction.
It has been said by many well just quit if something else comes along... it is very true that is being done very frequently in the area I live but I like to have a reason when leaving a job not just cause the grass looked greener on the other side.
If I can get excited about finishing off my car loan or saving for something maybe I can have a better attitude but frankly have not felt excited about any job for awhile. maybe it is just me and I need to dig deeper into why I feel this way. We can get along fine without me working but spouse really would prefer me to work. When I had more debt I had motivation but I paid a lot in the last 2 years and now do not feel the debt panic anymore.

pulled in all directions.

June 29th, 2018 at 08:50 am

I have posted a bit on the forums but decided I can get more of my thoughts out in blog form. I have a small debt load if I compared myself with others on this site/ blogs. I also am not in the category of many others who seem to be fairly well off.

I have always done my own thing with my finances including always paying extra on debts/ mortgage etc. I have read so many books from personal finance writers or gurus like Dave Ramsey but I really do not feel most of these are one size fits all. I can easily make all payments without a job right away.
I seem to fight adopting different ideas like writing my budget down. I have running totals in my head and on a spreadsheet but I tend to pay everything almost on a weekly basis. For example I recently had a week long job for a special project. So knowing what my pay will be I paid extra on CCs / car loan / mortgage and prepaid utility bills in case I do not get another long term assignment soon. I have an interview in an hour pays well but I am not sure I want to do this assignment. I have tried talking myself into it by saying I could pay this or that off by x amount of time but I am worried that my payoff plan will override my wanting a job I like vs a job just to have a job.