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my money savings tips.

January 20th, 2019 at 05:37 pm

As many people click on articles or read books on this subject it seems like many tips are the same mantra repeated over and over.
The biggest thing is simply ONE size does not fit all goals and people are different. Stressing one item is a NO-NO or the only answer it tends to make my eyes glaze over.

So does reading another list finally click maybe not but mine is a little different.

#1 My first thing is really be Honest about where you ARE and where you WANT to be.
Goals are great but often abandoned not because they were not specific but because life changes and often goals and priorities need to adjust as well.

#2 Take care of the items you have. Even if the were inexpensive. I own items that still work well after many uses, years. while I watch many around me replace or update everything even if the item they had was useful

#3 It is easy to learn and glean information all around you. Some of my best "wins" were being right place and right time even just hearing the right thing at the right moment not searching for the right place or time or chasing the right return or deal.

#4 Know YOUR strengths and weaknesses and ask for and accept help when needed.

#5 Try out ideas or tips but be realistic about it. Some things that work for person A may not work for person B. Flexibility to change course or habits that are NOT working is a strength.

#6 slow and steady in the case of building wealth / climbing from debt or saving money often is the winning route. un-realistic expectations will derail a plan quickly

#7 deals, offers and loyalty programs while might provide some savings do not rely on them completely it is in your best interest to look around occasionally. what worked for you in the past might no longer fit your plan/ life.

#8 Procrastination is the enemy as in paying debt or savings do not start tomorrow when you can start today. Do not plan to start.... when I get a raise or better job etc.

# 9 Read the fine print and always understand the terms before it becomes an issue. this is especially good in insurance and loans.

#10 embrace where your are at each step and surround yourself with those who encourage or inspire you ( not only with words, but with their actions)

I saw this saying in a meme and it made me think
Hang out with 4 broke people you will be the fifth...... surround yourself with 4 who have financial independence you CAN be the fifth.

friday surprise

January 18th, 2019 at 03:02 pm

As I have posted before I am in a temp role as a company is moving this department to another state.
I was hired on and I know it is most likely not going to last until the estimated end date.
Today I found one of the other Temps was told that her position ends at end of month yesterday ( she called in sick today ) so I think it may be sooner. I really was surprised as she had more responsibility then many others.

The lady that trained me and was training the people whom will take our places over skype was sure her position would last until may/ june.
I was in the mood that either hurry up and train them so I can move on.
she had recently updated her resume and was sure all our positions will go faster then we think. Today the on-site rep wanted to meet with her we thought to go over her resume and talk about possible different departments.
Instead they showed up at her cubicle and helped her clean her belongings out.
I am shocked and do not know what to expect on Monday. I cut back on some automatic payments I had scheduled and will re-evaluate Monday I guess. I know this happens but I was counting on a bit of notice even 1-2 weeks is better then that.

hurry up and wait

January 13th, 2019 at 04:29 pm

So the end should be near on this temp job. when hired they said june now their official thing says end of april but honestly think by mid feb should do it.

I am ready but other temp is freaking out and causing problems which makes me want to go even more.
I will pull back on my aggressive saving plan that I started after paying off car. I would like a couple of extra checks in bank in case I have some time between placements. I am not thrilled with the new temp place I am with for this job, might contact old company to get back with them.

my friend, I mentioned in last post contacted me. ugh I just wanted to stay out of her drama. I am Amazed that in this day and age she is clueless about what assets / retirement they had so she can get a fair settlement.
I really hope her lawyer is good, cause talking with her I see she is one big financial mess.

been a warm winter here and just grey I hate that I would rather have snow then just drab. Sunny days makes me want to go out and clean yard. there is a dent in lawn from where the neighbors tree top fell in wind storm I will need to do something or this will just be a trip hazard everytime I mow.

Been really bored with our menu lately bought a few items we have not had in a long time kind of upped my grocery cost but I just am done with the same ol same ol.

We were given a Portal thing for Christmas from our son he also gave one to his sisters family so I get non stop video calls from grandkids and 4 yr old can only hold a small conversation I am ready to unplug the thing already.

bite my tongue

January 8th, 2019 at 04:51 am

So I was approached by a childhood friend asking me to reach out to a mutual friend who is going through big life changes.
Long story short her hubby left and the divorce is getting ugly. Her life was picture perfect and like many other friends before they simply are not thinking clearly about the fact that they need to seriously DO the math. the income is simply not there anymore and things go with that decrease in finances

I guess that the ruling will decide if she gets the house while she wants it for her kids, the payment/ or even upkeep and taxes will most likely be most of her income. Not even sure if she has fulltime job as she was PT and lived a lifestyle that was paid by hubby.
Yes she will get support for awhile but as her kids are teens that is short term.
I want so badly to say "winning" the house to lose it later when you cannot keep up is not winning.
This will be a lesson in biting my tongue.

talking savings with NON savers

January 6th, 2019 at 03:54 pm

I have recently talked with others whom lets say, live a life that they will save later, I guess.

If is often amusing as one person wanted to talk stock market and real estate when he is NOT invested in either but was simply regurgitating whatever he heard on TV or read. He was upset that in a very high COLA he could not buy a house I told him most buy in the outlying area and commute. Many of his co workers do this and he said he wanted to not commute so far then decide that apartment life is it and get over it.

I am also amused that so many think they SAVED or got a great deal so.... so they spent the so called savings on the next thing.
A person making ends meet barely is taking 4 days off next week to go to Vegas with friends because she thinks she got such a good deal on flight/ hotel. If her friends can afford it great but I will be listening to her for a week after she is back about how broke she is.

Another item that confuses me is the idea to save up to pay off a debt.
I pay sometimes EACH week and yes it does lower AVG daily balance that they figure interest on.

A friend instead thinks she can save up a big amount and then send in a BIG payment...... great, except her savings earns much less then the interest on her student loans. I do not want to rain on her parade but want to understand WHY people do this?

I think some make savings harder then it needs to be.

final payment

January 5th, 2019 at 03:48 pm

So I just scheduled the last payment on car for Monday. it is just two months past the 2 years mark on loan so that is good.
I have scheduled payments for the next month on my next goals to focus more towards retirement.
We are thinking about moving back to town where home #1 is my daughter and her family live at house now but I think it would be fine to get her on her own.

This was a beneficial item she took care of house I have many things there. and paid the payment which is significantly lower then RENT as Zillow estimates I could get almost 3x more then what she is paying.

When we sell 2nd home it has been estimated at quite a bit more as we picked it up at a bargain price because we had cash. I will be able to quickly pay the rest of mortgage on house #1 and have a nice chunk left. It will all depend on the job market if DH can make a deal on a job he applied for we will go.

The cost of living is lower in that area and I will be able to find a job fairly quickly and finish up our plan for retirement. DH is ok even if we find a second place there if daughter wants to stay in house but we are thinking we should raise her rent and put the difference in her kids college funds I started.

Found some change walking to car after grocery shopping. I am thinking about what I do with found money I usually throw in a can and then roll it up after awhile but I am thinking I need to find a way to put in bank sooner then sitting there for awhile.