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priorities changing

December 30th, 2018 at 08:26 am

Once again I am looking at new priorities.

I have done this many times before usually it is before a major life change. I have gone through cycles of focused savings and something comes up that makes me rethink the sacrifices.

A dear friend had her life planned and things changed in a big way. At our age restarting and revamping plans is not impossible but definitely much harder. I do not want to point fingers and NO you can not see every pitfall in life but even just observing this fiasco makes me want to totally rethink my plans and leave more room for what ifs. I am not talking items covered by some type of insurance but items that will rock your world.
I read the other bloggers and some on forum that seem to assume a lot in planning "x amount by this time" and income plans that leave no room but assumed raises but no what if plans.

I am at a loss of which way to go with future plans for upcoming year.
I am funding retirement and most all debt besides mortgage is paid.
Now many will say do investments whatever instead of prepay on mortgage but it is an easy win seeing it drop and a mental boost so I will do that too. My income fluctuates so my budget is not set in stone maybe I am just nervous on the sidelines watching a bonfire of my friends life.

3 Responses to “priorities changing”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I think anytime someone close to you has a big change or a something bad, we tend to look at our own priorities. Which is smart because sometimes we need to revisit them and see if the plans we made were really smart or not.

  2. klongpayabal Says:

    Just testing the commenting functionality. Feel free to delete.

  3. Homebody Says:

    My husband's dear friend was diagnosed with cancer in August and died December 20th. He retired at about 61 and just turned 72. His wife way saying today how glad she was he retired when he did.

    My good friend found out her husband was not faithful after 37 year of marriage with two daughters and a granddaughter. She was blindsided and now has to revamp her life.

    It definitely makes you look at things differently.

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