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December 1st, 2018 at 09:12 am

As I write this it is day one of a month were so many are out there shopping and buying things....
I do not want things, I don't want to give things either. I had hoped to do what a call an "experience Christmas"

The idea is to buy concert tickets or maybe a some other small experience. already planned one for a 4 year old but the rest of family is not keen on the idea.
Probably because in the past they never used their "gift" one year my son wanted us to get a small ding in his car fixed we said yep just do it we would pay well he never seemed to schedule it and now has already sold that car and bought something else. So I always look at it like his gift was a empty promise.

My son who married in August seemed to roll his eyes at idea but his spouse had the gall to ask if I would pay for a trip to Italy??? Really over the top of the idea.
I also have decided to get rid of things I am not in the frame of mind or have time to plan shipping etc to sell stuff either online or whatever I think I will re-gift some nice items that for whatever reason I just stored for years.
I really could kick myself I do not know what I was saving these things for. The people who gave these to me must have wanted me to enjoy them but instead things sat in a closet. what a waste.

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  1. mumof2 Says:

    There is something you can do...that I really love... you pick out 12 months of things that could be dinner, concerts etc and put one in a paper bag/envelope etc and seal each month they open it up and do what is in there each month...it lasts all year and it gets them to spend time together as a family/couple etc...worth a try

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