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picking up the check

December 15th, 2018 at 11:23 pm

A little back story my spouse and I have been together for 34 years. we got married this last February. We have always had separate sort of finances. I have access to his accounts but he has no access to mine he makes almost 3x my income always has.
I work temp jobs and while working I try to contribute more to household bills and events. Often we end up taking our grown children and spouses out to meals very often ( about 80%) I pick up the check. I never say how much I paid etc.
Tonight we took our son and his spouse out for a get together for Christmas. DH picked a fairly pricey restaurant ( I had suggested more reasonably priced options) and seemed to insist everyone order whatever. I had planned on grabbing the check because I have had some OT, but he was giving the server his card before I reached my purse.
I told him as we were leaving I was going to pick up check and he started in complaining about it was $236 and I only pick up the small tabs etc. and proceeded to break down what price certain items cost placing the cost blame on my sons spouse.
I was and still am a bit confused as to WHY we should be playing who paid for what. We are not hurting for money but I too agreed that seemed high for dinner for 4. does anyone else keep tabs on what their spouse paid for etc??

here we go again

December 6th, 2018 at 04:46 am

So for anyone that has read my posting you might know I started current TEMP placement in august and suppose to end in June.
Here is December and I am counting down the days. I realize it is my issue but I am just not embracing incompetence. I realize that we all make mistakes and can miss small details but lately the people who are SIMPLY not reading.
I attach and organize POs and paperwork for billing. A lady who has done this job for years (almost a decade), emails me asking "where the info was that accepted the updated price of service?"

I literally told her it is the line in the email sent by the CUSTOMER that is in BOLD font. Then she said "oh never mind , I did not read it" literally it is her job to read. Then we have those who do not scroll down, again long time people that just want me to spoon feed them the items they need.

I am making awesome progress with my finances since this place, in my opinion, grossly overpays based on the job, BUT I cannot stand incompetence and a complete lack of give a hoot.
Another co-worker stays the maximum OT and what is she doing … shopping online and playing on her phone.

I know it is everywhere but I am just fed up at the crap.
Now manager thinks we all need so much OT but I finish my 8 hours of work in 5 and am bored out of my mind cause I don't watch tv on my phone!!!!!!!!

the flintstones

December 3rd, 2018 at 05:41 pm

I was thinking about watching the Flintstones as a child.
I remember Fred would often have some sort of big idea or opportunity and perhaps get to leave the gravel pit forever but alas something would happen and whatever Fred gained he loses it back to the same or close to the same place he started.

I have had moments like that when as soon as I have a debt gone or reach a milestone..... something will happen and I seem to be right back in the same neighborhood of debt.
I have been on a roll for bit without a "correction" and am becoming very cautious for what is around the corner.
Even writing this I feel like I am tempting fate but I wanted to know if any others here had experienced the same type of phenomenon???

so it begins

December 2nd, 2018 at 03:28 pm

I went out this weekend and started the dreaded Christmas shopping....
I wanted to pick up the lifesaver candy books while Target had a good selection, last year I had to go to a couple of stores since they were almost gone. some of my group like the gummies, some the hard candy and still others like the starburst versions.
NEVER bring DH along soon I had dog treats and a gingerbread house in the cart along with some personalized ornaments for the grandkids. I bought some clothes for the little ones. so it added up quickly.

We woke up this morning and DH's I-pad simply died would not turn on so off to the apple store and lucky him he had bought it exactly one year ago to the day so they simply replaced his old one they could not get it to do anything their diagnostic machine simply said dead.

While waiting for his turn at apple, I found a specialty tea store bought some tea for myself a bit more then I would usually pay but that is what seems to happen when you are out and about around the holidays.
Also stopped in Penney's and found two shirts and a pair of jeans with a friends and family discount promotion they had I got the 3 items for $32

Also went to use a $10 discount earned from a previous visit at Oshkosh store.
I bought some footed PJs and some shirts for my 1 yr old grandson. all in all a good deal of $17 after the 10 dollars off.

We then decided to get a nice lunch out... so considering I had 7.5 hours of OT last week I ended up spending about $45 over the OT money I guess I can live with that.


December 1st, 2018 at 09:12 am

As I write this it is day one of a month were so many are out there shopping and buying things....
I do not want things, I don't want to give things either. I had hoped to do what a call an "experience Christmas"

The idea is to buy concert tickets or maybe a some other small experience. already planned one for a 4 year old but the rest of family is not keen on the idea.
Probably because in the past they never used their "gift" one year my son wanted us to get a small ding in his car fixed we said yep just do it we would pay well he never seemed to schedule it and now has already sold that car and bought something else. So I always look at it like his gift was a empty promise.

My son who married in August seemed to roll his eyes at idea but his spouse had the gall to ask if I would pay for a trip to Italy??? Really over the top of the idea.
I also have decided to get rid of things I am not in the frame of mind or have time to plan shipping etc to sell stuff either online or whatever I think I will re-gift some nice items that for whatever reason I just stored for years.
I really could kick myself I do not know what I was saving these things for. The people who gave these to me must have wanted me to enjoy them but instead things sat in a closet. what a waste.