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lights are up

November 24th, 2018 at 06:12 pm

So DH put up lights on our house as well as the elderly neighbors house. it is an extension cord and her lights are tied to ours.
I know she would worry about increased cost and I guess it is fine since we can afford what ever small amount the few extra strings of light will add up. It has made her happy and her friends came by to see. I guess that should make me feel more like holiday like but nope.

Today is the anniversary of my mothers death it has hit me very hard but I have no one to share with.

I am very stressed about the next month where the job expects a ton of OT. I just do not feel like it is worth it and I get cranky as I see others stretch stuff out to soak up OT which makes boss think we ALL need to be there. I have transferred more money out of liquid accounts to prepay mortgage and extra to IRAs just to try to trick myself into wanting to restock accounts with OT money, so far this has not worked.

I need to find a hobby or a goal to save money for. I need motivation to move forward. I am needing to focus on my health as well I have been randomly eating. My DH has brought home treats and bought items we have not been eating because he knows I have been stressed and a bit depressed.

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