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November 4th, 2018 at 04:15 pm

I am getting restless not sure why. I have been trying to stay super busy to keep my mind occupied as the anniversary of my mothers death fast approaches.

My house payment for house my daughters family is living in is going up, a combo of property taxes and an escrow shortage last year.
I have let them see the notice thinking they would clue in that the money they are paying will need to go up too. They seem oblivious and DH wants me to speak up and tell them it is x amount more. I think it should be a joint discussion but he never takes up the landlord type problems.

I am getting ready for other items like heat to go up as it cools off. Now I am thinking this change will make me look over all of budget since often even if daughter pays more, they often are not always on time. For example they deposit the money in my account and it is now a few days into the month and they have yet to deposit while the auto pay comes out every 1st of the month.
The few times of them paying late I spoke of in the forums before, it simply an inconvenience not really costing me but it is irritating.

I thought they would be better after they looked and priced what moving would cost earlier in year and found most places not even comparable to the deal they have with me. One close house to the area mine is, but with 2 less bedrooms is renting for 900 more a month then I have them pay.

I have been thinking that savings is like diets you have some wins and losses and days you do not feel like doing it at all. I have been on a plateau for months now not feeling like I was making any difference at all. I know the sidebar says I am, but it just seems like slow motion.
I am thinking it is because I feel like time is moving too fast I wanted car loan gone and be able to throw more money at IRA and other things.

3 Responses to “this and that”

  1. Carol Says:

    Two hard things that one doesn't like to face can make a person ( me, anyhow) feel unsettled. The anniversary and the hard discussion you will need to have are both tough. Good luck!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sad to say, you will have to have that uncomfortable discussion about the house payment going up, and showing them the bill again will help show it is factual, not an emotional decision.

    Sorry about the anniversary coming up. Hope you can get through it without a lot of sadness.

  3. Smallsteps Says:

    I know I have to do it.
    I am just a bit surprised they did not come to the idea on their own that it is time to step up. I will wait until the new year and I am more focused I cant deal with any more issues at the present time.

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