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401 k option

November 25th, 2018 at 09:34 am

so being a long weekend I started cleaning out old mail and items I need to organize. It is something I tell myself I wont let build up again but always do.
I opened some that seemed like junk mail again it was an offer for a 401k with the temp company.
I read through the proposal a few times and it seemed like it was questionable if I should sign up. it has fees that seem high and a $25 fee to rollover if I change jobs etc. I have had 401ks at other places NEVER had to pay a rollover fee.
It also has a 3 year before you are vested to collect any match but literally says some assignments have a match and some don't. so this assignment will credit 6 months and this one has a match no guarantee that next placement has a match. also need to stay with this group for the next 3 years. Not sure if I want to add that to my items when I need to chose next gig.
The whole thing seems vague but I recently have been open to considering options I would have just decided no immediately. Like looking at the road not traveled.
I asked a friend and posted on the forum but instead got a 401k sales pitch and lessons on compound interest. I know it is not personal but it is aggravating when some responses seem condescending.

Anyway I guess I will just skip this at the present time.

lights are up

November 24th, 2018 at 06:12 pm

So DH put up lights on our house as well as the elderly neighbors house. it is an extension cord and her lights are tied to ours.
I know she would worry about increased cost and I guess it is fine since we can afford what ever small amount the few extra strings of light will add up. It has made her happy and her friends came by to see. I guess that should make me feel more like holiday like but nope.

Today is the anniversary of my mothers death it has hit me very hard but I have no one to share with.

I am very stressed about the next month where the job expects a ton of OT. I just do not feel like it is worth it and I get cranky as I see others stretch stuff out to soak up OT which makes boss think we ALL need to be there. I have transferred more money out of liquid accounts to prepay mortgage and extra to IRAs just to try to trick myself into wanting to restock accounts with OT money, so far this has not worked.

I need to find a hobby or a goal to save money for. I need motivation to move forward. I am needing to focus on my health as well I have been randomly eating. My DH has brought home treats and bought items we have not been eating because he knows I have been stressed and a bit depressed.

dealing with the upcoming stress

November 17th, 2018 at 07:24 am

This year I am hoping to avoid most stress that starts after Halloween and often goes into January.

I used to think how hard would it be to have a death etc to ruin a holiday. Last year I FOUND out.

After many days of lingering after taken off life support my mother passed on Black Friday. My thanksgiving was alone in a cafeteria of a hospital. Thankfully they did a great job for those who were either working or in the hospital.

This year all the grown kids have their own plans, we are on our own. i hoped to not cook but DH received a free turkey from his job so I think he want me to cook. last year he was at home with deli fried chicken while I was waiting in hospital in another city.

I just want to forget Thanksgiving for at least a few years. then come holidays I feel more obligated then excited about gifts etc. my kids are grown and really do not need/ want much so it becomes a chore to find stuff and I always want to get things that will be used as opposed to stuff to clutter their world.

During this is year end in my job which seems to be a big issue (I have only been here since august). They expect us to put tons of OT in for this and i am not sure how well I can operate with no time/ no ideas and simply no joy this year. OT is just not worth it when I am falling into this depression.
A radio station has already started the Christmas music had to drop it off my presets in car until it is over.

this and that

November 4th, 2018 at 04:15 pm

I am getting restless not sure why. I have been trying to stay super busy to keep my mind occupied as the anniversary of my mothers death fast approaches.

My house payment for house my daughters family is living in is going up, a combo of property taxes and an escrow shortage last year.
I have let them see the notice thinking they would clue in that the money they are paying will need to go up too. They seem oblivious and DH wants me to speak up and tell them it is x amount more. I think it should be a joint discussion but he never takes up the landlord type problems.

I am getting ready for other items like heat to go up as it cools off. Now I am thinking this change will make me look over all of budget since often even if daughter pays more, they often are not always on time. For example they deposit the money in my account and it is now a few days into the month and they have yet to deposit while the auto pay comes out every 1st of the month.
The few times of them paying late I spoke of in the forums before, it simply an inconvenience not really costing me but it is irritating.

I thought they would be better after they looked and priced what moving would cost earlier in year and found most places not even comparable to the deal they have with me. One close house to the area mine is, but with 2 less bedrooms is renting for 900 more a month then I have them pay.

I have been thinking that savings is like diets you have some wins and losses and days you do not feel like doing it at all. I have been on a plateau for months now not feeling like I was making any difference at all. I know the sidebar says I am, but it just seems like slow motion.
I am thinking it is because I feel like time is moving too fast I wanted car loan gone and be able to throw more money at IRA and other things.

here comes November

November 1st, 2018 at 04:12 am

Well we seem to never have trick or treaters in my neighborhood but DH asked me to buy some candy in case...I think incase he wants some.

I was surprised at the cost of candy it is not something I normally buy so it seemed a little higher then I expected for fun size bars.
I was wondering what other items people may not buy very often and then seem surprised what the price is ?????

I only did very little OT because we really did not have the work. I was surprised that my coworker has stayed 2 hours extra a day and most of that is watching tv on her phone. just in case last minute emails came in before the month end cut off. Sometimes I think i could use the OT money but cannot justify sitting there doing nothing.