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dealing with bad customer service

September 22nd, 2018 at 05:16 pm

So the last couple of days have been trying to deal with just in my opinion unacceptable issues with companies I do business with. I have worked in customer service and do not usually let minor BS bother me but this week has me frustrated.
I am tired of emails with NO purpose but to sell me something. My homeowners insurance company sent 2 increasingly urgent emails that I call them to go over my policy ASAP. I called when I had a chance as business hours I am usually working. I TOLD them I was responding to THEIR emails and they acted like I called to discuss stuff about policy on my own they had hoped to sell me additional policies like car even though they had cancelled ME a few years ago because my son had an accident. so the guy said HUH well that is what those emails are about is to sell you upgrades or other insurance. I went back and re-read emails and shared with a friend who also agreed that WAS not the tone of email it was more like if I did not call there was going to be a problem.

#2 I have a membership at a massage chain and have built up many free uses and could not catch up with using them so I took a freeze on membership for 6 months to get a chance to use up visits. I am now in month 4 and for 2 of 4 months they tried to charge me the fee that is waived during a freeze. I complained and they acted like it was somehow my fault.

#3 This year the insurance we have through my husbands employer had already made me angry by sending a demanding letter to get a bunch of tests some person at insurance company decided without ever seeing me I needed. I ignored their RUDE letter NOW I get one with them assigning me a doctor.... in a town about 15-20 miles away from where I live … WTH?? Now I have to fight them to use a doctor in their network that is in my neighborhood seriously they have my address they sent the letter!!
I guess I should buy them a map app so they can see assigning to someone in another town is STUPID.

I need to get in a better frame of mind to deal with these annoyances.... I will talk to my independent agent to discuss insurance maybe change companies... massage place have now waived all fees and offered extras to appease me.

next is health insurance, every one whom asked who the company is just groans, and says "I am sorry, they suck" so I doubt I will have anything but trouble maybe next year company will have a better option.

5 Responses to “dealing with bad customer service”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:


  2. crazyliblady Says:

    Why did a health insurance company decide you need tests? Isn't that usually a recommendation of a doctor? It's weird because insurance companies don't usually recommend THEM spending money. LOL

  3. Smallsteps Says:

    Lucky Robin : NO, not Aetna but I have had them before so I know why you would ask. It is Kaiser.

    I have zero idea why they sent these overbearing letters.
    I got one and so did my husband just a week after receiving our insurance cards. Out of the blue the listed tests I assume just based on age..
    . and not ONLY suggested tests but almost demanded them and told us to respond as soon as we took care of these items. we had not even used this insurance it was like as soon as we filled out paperwork they sent these. This insane idea they CAN choose my doctor is TOO much.

  4. crazyliblady Says:

    I hope they were footing the bill for these tests. Otherwise, that is just too much to ask!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Customer service is rare now days. I'm sorry you are dealing with these frustrations. We had a great customer service instance at our bank and when I called to compliment the branch manager, the guy on the phone said it would take him a minute to remember how to pull up the form because they get so few of these. I guess that is often the case in most businesses.

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