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working on my patience

August 7th, 2018 at 05:33 am

I have come to realize that my level of patience seems to be at an all time low. Maybe that is why the job with nothing to do bothered me so much.

I went in on yesterday and started on the project still with a bit of work from Friday. in about an hour the supervisor came in and told me to start the work left over. Well at that point I had finished the 2 items she listed and one other item, I suppose she was giving to someone else. I double checked the work and then sent the email saying A,B,C was done. her response after letting me sit there for weeks, was to check with other departments to see if anyone needed help and since they did not told me I could leave for the day if I wanted.

I left and did a few errands I have put off for awhile. I will go in today but doubt there is anymore work I hope they just realize that and let me call it done as this is the last week of my notice.

I really hope new job is much better but have doubts since most all businesses I have gone in etc never show any speed beyond SNAIL.
I recently opened an account at a CU partly because I needed a closer option for banking and because they had a promotion deal that paid great interest and a bonus for opening account not only for me but for son who referred me.
The day I went in, the line for service was increasing and was not being addressed very fast. I noticed some employees who usually did things like mortgages probably could do things like open accounts but instead sat there talking with feet up on desk.
Also a recent trip to DMV was also poorly run as most other locations streamline processes by taking the shorter tasks first finding if they can speed process up by answering questions before sitting there for hours to be told "oh we need this document instead" this location supervisor was actually IMO slowing things down.
I was annoyed but everyone around me seemed less annoyed and just resigned to poor service and slow work.
How do I learn to accept poor performance and a simple trip that should be 30 minutes taking 2.5 hours??
I really do not feel it is me because I have seen and worked in situations where when faced with a large influx of customers of work you prioritize and try to adapt not just look up and think whoo hoo OT work at the same snail pace.
When I finally got to the counter the person helping me wanted to chit chat like seriously do you not see a room full of people waiting???

4 Responses to “working on my patience ”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I like reading your blog, but is there any way you can put in an empty line between paragraphs? Because of my vision problems it makes it harder for me to read it when it is all smashed together like this. It's not so bad in the short entries, but in the longer ones like this it is difficult. The words like to go swimming.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    Lucky Robin: I will try to separate the item more, sorry this one kind of got away from me. Often the frustration just flows from me.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Customer service is gone, history. I know exactly how you feel when you go to a financial institution and the tellers are overwhelmed, but the others sit there doing what seems to be nothing. We went a few years ago to open a savings account at a bank because we wanted a brick and mortar bank since we don't do ATMS and planned on being in Savannah for a couple of weeks and wanted to have cash available if needed. We were told to come back in an hour since the lady who opens accounts was at lunch. That was just crazy.

  4. Smallsteps Says:

    Rob62521 I guess I still believe there is customer service out there. I recently went on an outing to an area of my state that is filled with smaller towns and was happily served by many different stores/ restaurants etc I really feel that customer service disappeared in crowded areas since they feel if they offended you they still have a large base to come to their business.

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