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job seeking tips/ advice

July 20th, 2018 at 06:08 am

I keep hearing "look for a job when you HAVE one " how is this working for others?
I can not seem to get it to work for me.
I would have to take time off for interviews and that is rude or obvious I am looking elsewhere when I ask for time off in the first month I am there. Maybe it is just me. I am having issues with this job already and unfortunately it is EXACTLY as was described in a yelp post about this place.
The training is zero/ my workload is zero I have sat there more then work keep being told they will have something for me in a little bit. Finally just discussed with supervisor her info showed I had 7 projects but those are done with my part and sent to the next person I told her that and she seemed confused why the reviewer has not been working on looking at the work and either finished the process or sending back for corrections.

supervisor gave me new project had conflicting info on it when I asked the lead she BARKED at me " you don't know what you are reading" well 5 minutes later she saw the EXACT thing I told her and emailed for clarification( I was added to email). I do not take well to being barked at.
The last day was 15 emails back and forth planning a team building put-put golf outing that is an hour drive away for me and includes "drinks" which I am not a drinker. I have politely declined on this and many offers of Starbucks runs and offer to all get takeout for lunch after I brought my lunch. the place they chose (I looked after words) was $10-15 for lunch and they do this 2-3 times a week.
HOW much am I supposed to spend to FIT IN ???
They seem to think I am offish because I said no thanks- I told them I am watching my weight and have food allergies so I rarely eat out but they seem to take it personally.

Maybe I am not up to speed on what the norm but this is very stressful on me and I come home angry every day.

7 Responses to “job seeking tips/ advice”

  1. melissalt Says:

    Oh my goodness. Having nothing to do is the worst! It sounds kind of nice until you actually have to find ways to kill time day after day. I usually get out of lunches and dinners by doing sort of the same thing you do--I tell them I'm a strict vegan (not really, but strict vegetarian), so unless we are going to a vegetarian restaurant, I'll pass. No one ever wants to go to a strictly vegetarian restaurant . . . :-)

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I would not do well in an environment where I was expected to do expensive socializing. And it sounds like the work flow is a mess, too. It may be awkward, but keep looking!

  3. kashi Says:

    Keep looking! I know you hate it, but unless you are prepared to spend down your emergency fund or have another source of income that you can live on, I wouldn't quit. Money is money, unfortunately.

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Honestly, I would quit if you can afford it. Your work environment sounds hostile, horribly run, and with severe communication issues amongst a bunch of clueless people.

  5. Smallsteps Says:

    Thanks to all for the responses. Yes, doing nothing and pretending to work is AWFUL. I guess the talk with supervisor has her looking at who is doing what.
    She personally has reviewed a couple of things I had been waiting on. Lucky for me simple things to fix and by in large she is very happy that I am doing this well in 3 weeks. I think the staff is on edge that she is looking closer. So one more reason for some to not like me. I really wanted to say something but bit my tongue when being told about corrections needed that a person showed me how to do it wrong. I will focus on job search this weekend but have already decided hanging around is not good for either party. they could be training someone who wants this job … I am pretty sure I do not.

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    A long time ago I looked for work when I had a job (a few jobs ago) and had zero success yet when the company I was working for got sold because I was in dire need of work I had a new job within three weeks. I think with me perhaps when I was looking for work while I had a job maybe something didn't sound right or maybe I wasn't putting as much into the interviews yet when I really needed a job I probably unknowingly put everything I had into the interviews... I read something the other day that said to video yourself while doing a practice interview so you can review yourself before going to the interviews, perhaps worth a try.

  7. Smallsteps Says:

    Yes VS_ozgirl, it is easy to not apply or decide something is not exactly right about a ad when you have money coming in.
    So many of my past co-workers told themselves that the job we were at was temporary. a couple of my interviews were for a placement / temp agency and they always get feedback. The last 2 told me that got great feedback on my interviews but for some reason perhaps more experience with their software used I was choice #2.

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