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update on dog

July 17th, 2018 at 06:23 am

So the heavy meds given to him by vet did nothing to improve his situation just knocked him out. He has not eaten much even tried to hand feed him several times.

DH took him back had the X-rays done and got a new special made medicine ( at $80) to try had to wait 4 days for this. Had to wait all Friday and weekend before someone could READ the x-rays and they show them NOTHING. They said for his breed ( life expectancy is about 12) and guesstimated ( 10+) age hips back etc looks good. they suggested an MRI.
DH is going to ask about that cost.
I am just honestly furious at the total lack of either give a damn or customer service in finding out what is wrong with this dog. This is a highly recommended and reviewed vet clinic in this area. This area SUCKS NO one expects good service out of anything. no work ethic no customer service and no sense of URGENCY about anything. Seriously sick of this place want to move back to my original city. ( I have been here 5 long years hating most of it)
Even at work on Friday the IT guy told me my new desk was all set up (I had been sitting in someone else's desk while she was gone to be closer to seasoned employees for questions) went in Monday NOTHING was set up and I got to sit 4 hours waiting for access. How these places pay ppl to just sit is beyond me. I wanted very much to just go home. The gross incompetence that is accepted in everything here makes me CRAZY.

4 Responses to “update on dog”

  1. Smallsteps Says:

    so we found that an MRI for the dog has $175 consulting fee first and between $2800 and $4300 for the MRI. Granted this will NOT fix the dog but merely tell us what finally did him in. This bunch is trying to guilt us into paying for an MRI seriously these people are relentless.

  2. Rose. Says:

    I am so sorry you are going through this. It makes it worse to have less than compassionate people involved.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    So sorry you are having so much frustration.

  4. Smallsteps Says:

    A great big THANK YOU to all of those who leave comments on this blog the support is appreciated.
    I have been super frustrated about many things lately and this is one of the biggest. he rallies some days and then right back to walking funny or just laying somewhere in the house he has been hiding and we end up hunting for him and only if we do not see any movement do we touch him. he is constantly panting and so DH has the air conditioner on frostbite. I hope maybe time and the new meds will make a difference but I am realistic his appetite is coming back and he wants us to sit on floor with him as we wont pick him up terrified he will try to jump off couch. so I am sitting on floor needing a parka and hoping tomorrow is better.

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