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another interview

July 13th, 2018 at 06:10 am

So the interview I went on Monday they decided on someone else not that I did not want job but as I am just finishing the second week of new job and so I have something to bring money in anyway.
I got an email the interviewer went to another bigger department in her company told them she thought I would meet their needs better so they want me to come interview. I told them although interested I could not get away midday from other job for meeting. thought that was it …… but they asked me what time worked for me so I am going in before work today. This job pays the same or a bit better then the job I just started and has a longer contract and is closer to home by a few miles. I am not going to get hyped up just going in talking and if it does not pan out I won't be disappointed. The current job is one where they stress accuracy but it is in an industry that changes prices/ rules constantly so it is more like chasing your tail to keep up.
If I do get the job I am interviewing for. I will need to give notice at current job but wonder if they will even want me to do those weeks since I am in early stages and it would be a waste of time & effort to train me for things if I am not there longer. I am always uncomfortable to give notice places I know they will get over it. I just was never good at cutting the cord even if I dislike the job.

2 Responses to “another interview”

  1. james.hendrickson Says:

    Small steps - good for you. Interviewing takes time and effort, but it improves your skills, keeps you moving forward in life and allows you to know where you stand professionally.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    I think interview went well. A previous placement manager that told me to use him as a reference in the job hunt happens to be interviewer's brother in law.

    The current thing I am at is a 30/ 60/ 90 day thing so it could end at 30 days anyway. the job I interview for although still a contract lasts until June 2019 so better deal all the way around. I do go on all interviews because I was not comfortable in that but am improving with each one.

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