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jobs from everywhere

July 10th, 2018 at 07:38 pm

So now in my area the labor force has dried up, Everyday I am getting offer after offer for work opportunities. it makes me restless wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere.
I spent today trying to catch up from taking a sick day off at brand new job. Funny thing is I do not think I am getting their processes AT ALL. They seem to think I am a whiz at it. I really am baffled at how their expectations can be so low or how they measure success.
I am not sure what to do. If the interview I went on calls, I am not sure if I take it or not, the lady that did interview thinks the job is below my skills and pays a little less at this job I am in now. I almost wish I was more motivated by debt payoff or savings goals I am just burned out.
Does anyone have ideas to get back some motivation?
I can stay at the worst job ever if motivated but the idea that my debt load is a lot smaller then it was a year ago and I am hazy about my savings goals. I need to get focused. Really need to snap out of this it is effecting my sleep/ and how I feel outside work.

2 Responses to “jobs from everywhere”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    If the person who interviewed you felt the job was below your skills and the pays is less, why would you want to take it? I realize you are unhappy where you are, but would this be any better? I think you keep looking for something better if the labor force is so limited where you currently live. Plus, it is often easier to secure a better job when you are employed.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    How is it easier to get a better job while at one ??? I have had 3 offers for interviews that i would need to leave work to attend. We have 30 minutes for lunch. While it looks better if you are employed it is hard to interview across town in the middle of my shift. I mean how may appointments can I pass off as dr or dentists? I called in for the Monday interview and if interview knows I might not be immediately available since I will have to give notice ..I have been passed on as they wanted an immediate start. When I applied I was not working so I could have but now it is so hard how is anyone finding a job unless they interview before or after a shift but most of these interviews are between 8-5 so in my shift. The amount offered was literally .75 an hour less then my last two assignments.
    I just think at this point those interviewing are thinking they are not getting good candidates because money … but by the time some get back to you most have taken other jobs. The interview job was closer to home. In this area traffic is so thick here even a couple miles can be 15 to 20 minutes less of commute. I just got word that she chose someone else but sent my name to a department that pays a few bucks more per hour because she told that manager I was a very good candidate. I do not see how i can leave current job for interview they want for tomorrow so i guess i will just stay put and learn to tolerate this job.

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