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new chapter

August 1st, 2018 at 07:25 pm

So this week is over half over has been awkward at best. Everyone has ignored me since I gave notice. 1 person has talked to me and I just explained it was a better opportunity. So 3 other people have quit this place since I gave notice so I feel it is NOT just me being picky.
I am doing ok and this week they have given me work after I send emails asking for a new project … really for a month I sat half the time and now that I am leaving they have workflow. I just take a deep breath and do what I can. I found out I will need to leave early or come in late to go to a specific lab for the drug test for new place. It is 15 miles away but with traffic will be an hour round trip and the clinic is only open 7-4 Monday through Friday. Again how do people manage to fit this stuff in always taking time off to change jobs?? I am trying very hard to let my frustrations go and work on going forward.

3 Responses to “new chapter”

  1. mumof2 Says:

    Well I bet it feels good to be leaving there and starting at a new place...must be a horrible place with so many people leaving...good luck on your new job I hope it is more satisfying but I guess you just need to do what you need to do for this new job so if you need to come in late etc...then so be it

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like an awful place to work and glad you have found something else. Just try to put up with it until you can leave. Never burn bridges.

  3. Smallsteps Says:

    sat for about 6 hours today nothing to do at "work". This is exhausting and aggravating.

    I know I have 6 days left but this has been the worst experience I have had in a long time. listened to the others spend an hour discussing their Cats seriously????
    I made an appointment and will leave "work" early to do my drug test the other group is chomping at the bit for me to finish this step but I explained the difficulty in being able to go when clinic is only open during my work hours.

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