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breaking the habits

July 14th, 2018 at 11:31 pm

I realized this week that my funk is my own to get out of. I spoke with hubby about my procrastination and inability to embrace the job I have now and even with interviewing for other jobs what if I am not happy there either.
I read other posts where people have made their budgets to pay and just looking forward to the target date. I asked myself why everyone else seems to embrace the day to day grind. What is my hurry or panic to get things over. I honestly do not have a plan for what to do after car is paid etc. I really need a goal or plan.
I just wanted to speed things along instead of doing it slow and steady. I sat down and wrote down all the items I have procrastinated on. I am taking a deep breath and starting everything one day at a time.
I will put in effort in what ever job I end up with and try not to be restless and thinking the grass is greener everywhere else. it is much easier said then done. my balances have dropped a bit since last month the CC / car and house about 300 a piece. Even if my job ends up not being great it is ONLY temporary.

4 Responses to “breaking the habits”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I was looking at your side bar. Why do you have two emergency funds? Is one for minor emergencies and one for major, like job loss?

    As for your apathy, you should sit down and figure out what you want. Lack of a real focus may be causing it. Without real goals, it can be hard to stay interested. Pay off the CC's, pay off the car, pay off the house, then what? A bigger emergency fund. A milestone vacation? A ton into retirement? Maybe you need to make a dream list for when the debt is gone. Sometimes it is hard to get excited about life. I think we all go through down cycles of extreme boredom and lack of desire for much of anything. Perhaps you are in one.

  2. Smallsteps Says:

    One was for something else but since that is not happening I just call it an emergency fund. covered if I had a job loss since we would be totally fine without me working. the cC and house are also on auto pilot with payments from other sources.
    The following figures are from a June 2017 post in the 52 week challenge category
    mort 35k @ 2.87% now 27,818
    car $8682 @3.9% now 3787
    cc#2 $2600 now 900
    cc#1 $2900 now 0
    in comparing I made progress I just have lost my zeal for it. I either want it done or just leave on minimum. I really have no desire to work anymore. I want to tell myself it is the job I got out of going to be a real employee at last place cause I could not stand to watch the people who were gong no where and were in general miserable. I found a PT opening to apply for maybe that is what I need to do.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Setting goals, some major and some minor, may help with the apathy. Hopefully you are also feeling well and not ill or overtired. I know when I'm overtired, I get very apathetic.

  4. Smallsteps Says:

    Maybe I am a bit run down and that is part of the apathy. I will keep that in mind.

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